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Earlier, I shared my personal ideology, the 7 G’s: God, Guns, Grub, Gold, Gas, Ground, Gumption. I briefly discussed principles that prove themselves useful, even crucial, in times of emergency or disaster. Many have asked that I elaborate, so I will try to cover one each in seven letters.

GOLD: Financial strength and security through gold and silver coins, in your hand. When society and government collapse, even temporarily, paper money becomes worthless. But anyone can hold out gold and silver coins, and instantly get food, supplies and labor.

Article. I., Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution commands that we shall not “make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.” Yet our government ignores wisdom and law and tries printing its way out of debt, $800 billion at a time.

This makes gold and silver more valuable every day. All gold ever mined in the history of the world, from Mayan to Egyptian to American, cannot fill three Olympic swimming pools. Families have escaped countries with it. Pilots have it sewn into their flight-suits to aid in escape. You cannot print more.

Start with pre-1965 U.S. silver coins like dimes, quarters, halves and dollars. Eventually add gold. Avoid large denominations that are impractical to cut or change into smaller sizes for trade. Visit reputable dealers and get educated on how to avoid fakes and learn what products you can use to test them.

Our parents could buy coffee for a dime; two gallons of gas for a quarter; a nice meal for 50 cents; a movie, popcorn, soda, candy, for under a dollar.

Today, a silver dime is worth $3, a silver quarter $7, a half-dollar $15, and a dollar is worth $28. Guess what you can exactly duplicate. Go back in time and get $500 in half-dollars. Today, those coins are worth $16,000.

I want readers to understand that the value of a person’s invention, product, or labor never changes, only its relationship to a paper dollar bill.

A complete explanation is at:

Edward Wilks


Obama wins. That surprised a lot of people, apparently including many significant Republicans that predicted a large victory by Mitt Romney.

Some said that the “Frankenstorm” kept the vote down. But that is what Republicans were already doing in Democratic-leaning districts all over the country. Some say that the “paleface” party can no longer win against the multi-ethnic party. You only had to watch the TV shots of the crowds at the respective acceptance and concession gatherings if you had any doubts about the demographic reality.

But what continues to surprise me is not that the Democrats can eke out a win (and with a black candidate in a very racist country), but that some 58 million people will vote Republican. They might as well be voting for the tooth fairy. Republican politics are a giant con, a multi-faceted scam. There is only one goal: the rich get richer, and the richest of the rich get richer faster.

Statistics tell us that the 1 percent have made out like bandits in the last few years. They have pocketed something like 60 percent of the gains in income since the recession began. Of the major developed nations, we have the greatest disparity of wealth. The big money that flooded Romney with hundreds of millions should love Barack Obama.

So how do the Republicans get millions of white working men and women to vote for a party that wants to fleece them of their very last dime? Fear.

Listen to a Glenn Beck rant for five minutes and you will hear that the country is being destroyed, that you will need to get all the guns and ammo you can get, that your lives are going to turn to crap, that the “others” are just trying to take everything you have got, and the “others” are not good, hardworking, God-fearing white people like you are. Of course, an alien, Muslim, black president hates everything about you.

The political challenge in America today is to bring people together to achieve our common goals and defeat the forces that try to tear us apart.

Patrick Hunter


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