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Usually Bob Anderson’s virulently un-American sentiments just disgust me, but his Nov. 8 letter to the Post Independent has finally helped me to appreciate the pathos of his existence. Consider how painful it must be for him to hold in utter contempt the immense American demographic that includes (and these are Bob Anderson’s word, not mine) “… Hispanics, women, blacks, under age 30 voters and a whole lot of stupid people.”

Actually, I’m pretty sure that Mr. Anderson could expand that suspect group to include anybody who has bought into the lessons of our American civics classes. Does he remember those lessons, or was he perhaps a child who was left behind?

Consider the effrontery of his next statement: “There just aren’t enough of us old white guys and gals to win a general election anymore.” Let’s certainly hope that for once, Bob Anderson is right.

And excuse me, who are the “gals”? Are they a sub-group of “women”? Apparently not.

And if we are forced into a moronic discussion of skin color, let me point out that our current president’s skin is not, in fact, black, nor I suspect is Bob Anderson’s skin white. Most of the people in my area who promulgate these racist sentiments (not opinions, because opinions require thought) are wrinkled, leathery and kind of a dirty brown from years in the sun. My “white” skin looks exactly the same. But do I judge these wrinkly brown people on the basis of their unappealing appearance? No way. Of course, since they seem incapable of correctly spelling the word “renege,” I justifiably have some doubts about their intellectual capacities.

Let’s hope that Bob Anderson follows through on his promise to “hunker down” while he “dreams a little about how it used to be.” Maybe he can use that time to re-assess what it means to be an American.

Linda Jenks


Ruth Belda’s letter in the Post Independent on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, said she would pray for Bob Anderson, myself and others. I appreciate her concern. Apparently my lack of writing skills combined with her comprehension of my letters have led to a complete misunderstanding.

I cannot speak for Mr. Anderson, but I sleep well and live without fear. I checked my supply of vitriol, it is all there and saved for more appropriate venues.

I am sorry to disappoint Ms. Belda in her assumption that I have drugs. I do have a gun. I had extensive training in the use of weapons in the military, where they were a matter of life or death. I am a member of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Auxiliary. In the auxiliary we do not carry weapons, but we are educated in local criminal activities and assist the deputies whenever and wherever we can.

In the same edition of the Post Independent, David Petechuk cites the life of his 86-year-old aunt who worked her entire life, paid her bills, etc. She has always taken responsibility for her personal well being, the same as Ms. Belda is doing. That is the attitude I believe made this country what it was and not the welfare state it is becoming.

It has been announced that the president is flying off in our airplane to Myanmar next week. Then for Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations. So much for dealing with the “fiscal cliff,” Fast and Furious and Libya. Is that the agenda the people who voted for him expected?

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

Everybody is calling everybody names regarding the election.

Maybe a lot of people have forgotten why Alan Greenspan left the Federal Reserve. He said at that time that the United States was headed in the wrong direction. He told America of the impending problems that we were facing due to the economic problems.

There has not been even close to a balanced budget in the last few years. I don’t think that anybody in Congress, the president or anybody else was paying attention. Alan Greenspan retired from the Federal Reserve and he let Ben Bernanke take the helm. Bernanke has stood before the American people, telling us that we are heading in the wrong direction.

Congress is still spending money like drunken sailors. Congress is still doing the same things it was when George Bush was president. They have continued to spend us into oblivion.

There is no one in this government who can bring us out of this recession. It may be eight years before we ever see the light of day, and maybe not then.

We are trillions of dollars in debt to China, Japan and Australia. Those are just the ones I can remember. We have no jobs here in the United States.

The media can dissect the election all they want. Three years of spending recklessly has put this country in a huge bind. Promises made by either party are not going to make it happen. The Bush tax cuts are what got us here. Out-of-control spending is what has kept the economy from advancing.

Somebody in this government needs to stand up and be the hero here. There is not one person in Congress who is willing to do that.

We have too many greedy people. There is so much difference between the haves and the have-nots. If Congress stops sending money to the tune of millions to other countries, we might stand a chance. But until this happens, we are stuck in the mud.

Jane Spaulding


WPX Energy has been questioned about a very serious matter. That is, did the company direct its employees to boycott a Parachute business. WPX Energy would never direct employees to boycott a business for any reason, nor does WPX Energy condone such actions by any of its employees.

There is no truth to the rumor that WPX Energy suggested boycotting our good friends Vance, Jean and Geno at VJ’s Ribbs. On the contrary, we consider them good business partners and enjoy their food both in the restaurant and at our office. We recently used the restaurant for a large catering event.

After WPX Energy learned of the rumor, we reached out to Jean Johnson to explain the company’s position and offer support. We did so again on Nov. 12.

What WPX Energy does tell our employees is to work safely, be active in the community, and be a good ambassador for the company.

Susan B. Alvillar


The Defiance Theatre group has produced a musical that is playing at the Glenwood Springs High School this weekend, Nov. 16, 17 and 18. It is called “Urinetown.” I know that the name is not only silly but also a turn off. But the musical is really very good. The music is upbeat, the dialog is interesting and the play is very clever.

You can take your children to it and I guarantee that all will love it. The acting, singing and dancing are all great. It is a fun musical and rivals last year’s production of “Hairspray.”

Please give the musical a chance and attend this weekend. The Defiance group does a musical every year and they spend a lot of time putting them together. They did a professional job on this production. The ticket prices are very reasonable ($15 per adult) and you can just show up at the door (show is at 7 p.m. and 2 p.m. on Sunday). You will not regret it.

Sherry A. Caloia

Glenwood Springs

There is a lot of controversy going on about large retail businesses being open on holidays, especially the new fad of opening up on the night of Thanksgiving. There was a news report on Walmart employees being contacted by the union and talk of going on strike for Black Friday.

As a retail management employee, I have mixed emotions about the controversy. I believe the hours have been taken too far, such as being open on Easter, Thanksgiving night and probably soon to come, Christmas Day, right along with every other national holiday. I hear so many comments being made about us being open on said holidays and how ridiculous it is.

So I’m asking that instead of supporting union representation or employees going on strike, how about don’t go out shopping on such important holidays.

People often forget that we employees have families and loved ones we would love nothing more than to spend those holidays with. We sacrifice taking family trips or visiting far away family because of the crazy hours leading up to our favorite holidays.

Most retail employees including myself love what we do and wouldn’t trade it for the world. So please, with all the “convenient” new shopping hours, remember we too would love to spend time with our families.

Caitlin Palm


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