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It turns out, Richard Doran hasn’t discovered a secret, he actually spilled one.

Books easily influence him. Particularly fiction. Unfortunately, he appears unable to get to the real truth of his discoveries. It is absolutely astonishing that Mr. Doran has attributed “Perception Management” to Barack Obama. I almost choked on my cereal when I read his letter.

When it comes to creating facts and selling them to the world as truths, we need look no further than the current administration. From Bush, Cheney, Rove, Card, Pearl, Wolfowitz, Rice, Gonzales et al and even the unfortunate Colin Powell, there have been no more shining examples of creating facts and selling them as truths.

Unless you have been in a coma for the last seven-plus years, almost everyone, (save Doran or Blankenship or the other 17 percent of the supporters of this administration), knows that you can fool some of the people all of the time. Richard Doran is correct. It is lies we have been fed since Jan. 20th, 2001.

That Richard accuses Obama of what we, as a country, have been subjected to for seven-plus years would be laughable, if it wasn’t so sad.

I could list the many deceptions created by these soon-to-be indicted criminals, but there is a 350-word limit. Perception Management, indeed!

Craig S. Chisesi


Hal Sundin’s recent Independence Day column made some viable observations, but there is one undermining fallacy supporting all of them.

Yes, some government programs are overfunded (subsidies for mega agri-businesses, and other outrageous projects wasting billions of taxpayer dollars); others that could benefit the needy have been reduced or eliminated; no argument there.

However, I reject the fundamental liberal principle that government is responsible for the success and fulfillment of its citizens, which also implies its all-encompassing control and regulation of our lives. Where does it say or suggest that in our Constitution or other documents?

No, the intended function of our government is to help preserve the basic rights due to all and “endowed by our creator:” life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Plus, those additional rights listed in the amendments: freedom of speech, religion, etc. Other than that, F.D.R. notwithstanding, government should kindly get out of our lives.

Evidently Mr. Sundin missed a critically important letter printed in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent just a couple of weeks ago (or he chose to ignore it).

Contrary to the loss of precious freedoms Sundin lamented, Andy Stanczak painted a somewhat more realistic portrait of what is truly threatening our liberty in the declining, increasingly-degenerate society. He rightly termed it “Liberal Fascism.”

Our government, especially via the arrogance of the Judicial Branch, has undermined our liberties with alarming dedication.

And thanks to the growing green movement’s unproven assertion that man’s technology is destroying our climate and thus our planet, it’s now strongly suggested what light bulbs to buy, which vehicles to drive, what temperatures to heat or cool our homes at, and many more idiocies. Expect this to worsen, with skyrocketing taxes on already-stressed families, especially if Obama wins the White House.

One more thing, in a nation founded on and prospering by Judeo-Christion values, Christians’ promised right to practice and share their faith are being assaulted like never before. We need God’s help and grace to return to Him with humble hearts.

John Herbst

Battlement Mesa

I am a male breast cancer survivor, for three years this June. I have been involved with Susan Komen in Aspen, and attended a retreat for breast cancer survivors in Boston in June.

What I found most striking was the lack on information for males about treatment, other drug interactions and research. Basically the best I can tell there is no research going on, and none is planned. What seems to be the consensus is to do the same things as they do for women. This is like the approach to heart disease for women until the last 10 years.

Using the Susan Komen statistics for 2008, there will be 2,030 males diagnosed with breast cancer and 178,480 females. The survivor rate for men is about 75 percent, which means more men (over 400) will die from breast cancer than from testicular cancer this year. We are doing lots for testicular cancer, thanks to the efforts of people like Lance Armstrong, but there seems to be nothing happening for male breast cancer.

I have a number of questions. Do Flomax and Proscar (current treatments for prostate problems which I also have) increase the incidents of breast cancer in men; does Tamoxifin (currently used for males and females with breast cancer) work on men or are the stats from treatment for women; and should men be given radiation or chemo in early states which seems to be common for women?

I am afraid that I may be forced to become an advocate, not because I want to, but because of the lack of information for males dealing with this disease.

I would enjoy talking to other male survivors of breast cancer.

Currently I am walking with the Valley View Cancer Center survivors. We meet on Thursday mornings at the hospital Coffee Shop at 10 a.m. All cancer survivors are welcome, especially those currently in treatment. Exercise is definitely a positive influence for continued survival, both physically and emotionally.

Richard A. Pierce

Glenwood Springs

While I feel Ms. DeYoung has a valid point (who knew about this new armored vehicle purchase?), I believe we need to have this vehicle due to the crime rate that is forever rising in this valley. We now have rapes in downtown Glenwood Springs, right on good ol’ Grand Avenue, and we have gangsters threatening store clerks with butterfly knifes and cop shootings. We need a SWAT team now, apparently. What is going on in this world?

Imagine how much easier it would be if we would all help each other, rather than let greed, hatred and bigotry lead us to desperate measures.

Tinka Gianne

New Castle

Thank you to the couple who parked on our lawn while attending the event held at Veterans Park in Silt Saturday, July 12. Thank you for parking on our lawn instead of finding a parking space. Thank you for acknowledging the fact you had parked on our lawn when you returned to your car and apologized to us for doing so. Thank you for reading the note we placed on your windshield asking you not to park on our lawn again. Thank you for tossing that note from your car window onto our lawn ” (also known as littering). Thank you for your display of Christianity ” your hearts must have been full after listening to the inspirational music at the park. We feel the warmth of your glow.

Heidi McGuire


For the record, Mr. Norm Shroll, I always look for your very informative, patriotic, verifiable and factual letters because I learn something each time from reading them.

Like you, I back up any statements with facts, and like you, I am one proud-to-be-an-American citizen, even if it is nonpolitically correct, and so then I step on the left’s toes.

Thank you for your willingness to speak up for many of us who 100 percent agree with what you have to say.

Marty Lich


This morning I saw a quote online, “Afghanistan is a war we must win … ” That is insane. No one wins a war, everyone loses their lives, their humanity, their homes, their children, their peace of mind, heart and soul.

Is Obama another Bush?

The only war we can win is with ourselves, the inner war of being willing to give and receive unconditional love.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Will we ever get someone who wants the best for the human race?

Renick Stevenson

Glenwood Springs

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