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Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO

We are already starting to see the consequences of a second Obama term: the denial of the largest energy reservoir in the world, located right here in western Colorado, to the American people who own it.

Is anyone really surprised that the BLM waited until after the election to announce its adoption of an oil shale proposal that is even worse for the Western Slope’s economy, and the nation’s energy security, than expected? Had this news come out before last Tuesday’s election, the lid would have been blown off of President Obama’s ridiculous claim of supporting an “all the above” energy policy.

Actions speak louder than words, and this president’s actions have quite loudly contradicted what he said during his re-election campaign concerning energy. He said he was for “all the above,” but did nothing to expand American development of our off-shore resources, denied America access to cheap Canadian oil by refusing to permit the Keystone pipeline, and now his Department of Interior has effectively halted research and development of oil shale, a resource that dwarfs both the Canadian and Middle Eastern oil fields – but which also, unfortunately, is largely located on land under the federal government’s control. If this is reflective of an “all the above” approach, the list must be pretty limited.

Just what is this administration’s energy policy goals? Increased reliance on Middle Eastern and Venezuelan oil? Higher fuel prices, so the middle and working classes can no longer afford to drive or heat their homes? Ensuring that Americans will never be able to benefit economically from our own resources?

Maybe President Obama and his administration do support an “all the above” plan – it’s just that the entrepreneurs who seek to tap our immense oil shale resources did not pay to be on the list.

Matthew Markakis

Grand Junction

This letter is in response to Edward Wilks’s letter of Nov. 1. In his letter regarding “Grub,” he mentions storing foods which require no water, electricity, fuel or fire. He provides examples including stew and green beans.

These foods should not be eaten without heating. They may contain pathogens which will be killed when heated properly. This is true for all low acid foods, including tomatoes.

However, peaches (which he also mentions) are a high acid food and are safe right out of the can. High acid foods, including pickled foods, are safe to eat without heating.

For further information, call the Garfield County Extension and ask for a Master Food Safety Advisor or check the website:

Thanks, and safe eating.

Deborah Martin and Carla Farrand, Master Food Safety Advisors

Garfield County Extension

Glenwood Springs

It is fascinating that Longmont has become an epicenter of the collision of the oil and gas industry’s enthusiasm over the success of its fracking operations and environmental concerns about groundwater safety and the long-term effects of burning fossil fuels on the Earth’s climate.

The oil industry is dangling a rosy future of cheap gasoline for America directly in the face of the claim of scientists that continuing to add carbon, water and energy into the atmosphere is dramatically altering worldwide climate patterns.

With the elections over, in what could be termed “media fracking,” the carbon industries have begun an advertising campaign blitz to sway public opinion to their side over that of environmentalists. In this collision of giants, it should be noted that Mother Nature does pack a mighty wallop.

Robert Porath


As a white, Protestant, Republican Tea Party member and proud American, I would like to address Patrick Hunter’s Nov. 13 letter and his statement, “America is a very racist country,” that is, for lack of a better word, baloney.

Republicans lost the election because America voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney. Fifty-eight million “pale faces” voted Republican because they thought he was a better choice, period.

Americans did not invent slavery. England exported slaves to this country years before the U.S. existed. When we tried, as a colony of England, to set them free, England refused. Mr. Hunter should do some research and read about how slavery ripped this country apart long before we united against the English.

Our Civil War killed more than a half million Americans. Has Mr. Hunter forgotten that it was the southern Democrats who fought so hard for segregation in schools and public places? Does he know who Gov. Wallace was? He should research before he condemns my America and my political party as being pale-faced racists.

Racism does exist in America, as it does in every other country, but let’s examine some facts. There are more than 60 all-black colleges and universities in the U.S., no all-white schools. We have many outstanding black, Hispanic, Asian and other ethnic groups serving our nation in many ways who are members of the Republican Party. President Obama attended an all-black, white-hating anti-American church for 20 years, yet Mr. Hunter didn’t condemn him as being racist.

Racism runs on both sides of the fence, and I have experienced it.

Walking in the Glenwood Mall, I have seen open hatred in the eyes of Hispanics on weekends as if I was trespassing on their territory. I was harassed openly by a black man in Washington, D.C., as I walked through the George Washington University campus. I was told by a Hispanic women at a fast food place to learn Spanish or don’t come back.

Racism should not be tolerated on either side, but to accuse the Republicans of it as he has is pure baloney.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

I write regarding the Nov. 13 article, “VJ’s Outlaw Ribbs sees business loss as political.” I live in Parachute and I noticed the political signs. The first one I saw was one for Romney-Ryan. There was a mix of signs of political persuasions, so I cannot imagine why the restaurant would be boycotted.

Had it all been Obama-Biden signs, yes, that I could understand. President Obama is seen by most as a threat to the oil and gas industry. It would be tough to do business with someone when you think they supported a candidate who was out to cost you your job. But there were some Republican signs there, too.

Juanita R. Williams


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