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Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO

Elections certainly have consequences, don’t they?

Now that the messiah of the progressive liberals has his second term, by hook or crook, the death spiral of what was once the greatest nation in the world is now on the way.

With no concern for future elections, Mr. “I will have more flexibility” will be unleashed to proceed with the destruction of America.

I’ll make a few near-term predictions. I only have 350 words, after all.

We are facing an economic collapse perhaps greater than that of the Great Depression. Businesses, great and small, all across America, are already laying off or reducing hours to 28 or less per week due to the impending Obamacare penalties.

Obamacare is not remotely going to be the wonderful thing people think it will be. The government is nationalizing health care and will micromanage every aspect of our lives.

Thanks to an out-of-control Federal Reserve, our dollar is being intentionally devaluated and destroyed. Massive inflation is coming. The banking system is intentionally being destroyed.

Our energy sector is being destroyed with nothing viable to replace it.

The Messiah has already been de-nuking America, and in the coming years he will eviscerate America’s military.

There will be continued nationalizing of major corporations like GM, turned over to unions that will control or destroy them.

There will be a massive crackdown on our freedoms, enforced through the Justice Department, TSA, FEMA, AmeriCorps, EPA, White House Rural Council and an assortment of other government entities.

Expect further attacks on our freedom of speech, especially the Internet, religion and the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and 10th amendments.

Expect further massive spending and taxes intentionally designed to cripple the citizenry and America as a whole.

Expect an immediate move to cap and trade, designed to strip every business of finances and giving unprecedented power to the government over everything. The end result to the citizenry will be crushing energy and product costs that will negatively affect everything.

The apparatchiks who voted for Obama deserves everything they are going to get. Unfortunately, the rest of us get to suffer as well.

Lee Perkins

Glenwood Springs

I’m writing in response to Bob Anderson’s letter in the Nov. 8 Post Independent.

For the last six months, we have read and listened to Republicans bash our president to try to convince us to vote him out. I understand why a guy like Mr. Anderson is so against President Obama. He was taught as a young man that unless you are a straight, white man, your vote should not count.

I have no problem with him expressing his opinions about the president, but when he calls blacks, Hispanics, women, people under 30 and me “stupid,” I get a little angry. Face it. Mr. Anderson’s party is out of touch, and unless they start to move into this century, there will never be another GOP candidate in the White House.

Joe Mule

New Castle

I am heartsick about the results of this year’s elections. I was simply disappointed when President Obama was elected four years ago, because at that point I was still hopeful he wouldn’t be too bad as the president. That hope died a terrible death.

I have never, until now, been ashamed to be a Colorado citizen. It is an embarrassment that even by a slim margin our state re-elected Obama after all the harm he has done to our country and its values, not to mention so many things he still has plans to do. If our nation even survives another four years of his woefully inadequate management, pathetic leadership skills and socialist agenda, I shudder to think about what our lives will be like.

How can so many people be blind to the social, economic and racial division he has fostered? Can you say divide and conquer?

The only pinpoint of light I see at the end of the tunnel is that with the election over and Colorado no longer a swing state that Obama needs to coddle, the federal government will hopefully take a hard look at Amendment 64 and the medical marijuana laws and start cracking down on the manufacturers, distributors and users that are infesting our state like a bedbug outbreak.

I won’t feel sympathy for all the willfully ignorant and misguided people who voted for four more years of Obama when they get exactly what they deserve. I just wish they didn’t have to drag the rest of us down with them.

Camille Vigil

New Castle

The election is finally over and the bozo I voted for lost, resulting in four more years for the other bozo. That’s the bad news.

The good news is Colorado and Washington have adopted a sane attitude towards marijuana use. It amuses me to no end that the only people more distressed by this affirmation of personal freedom than all those Bible-thumping purists are the murderous Mexican drug cartels. Politics sure does make some strange bedfellows.

And speaking of strange bedfellows, now some GOP pundits and bigwigs are saying we should join President Obama in selling out America to illegal aliens. Immigration “reform” is what they call it, but amnesty is what it amounts to.

More than 1 million legal immigrants become citizens every year. How many are enough? Five million per year? Ten million? Open borders? If 15 to 20 million illegal immigrants are given amnesty, what will prevent the same situation a few years down the road?

Rewarding people who spit on our sovereignty with precious U.S. citizenship is an insult to the millions of immigrants who followed the rules. Rewarding illegal behavior only encourages more such behavior. I say, deport all illegal aliens.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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