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I just have to respond to another letter writer from the Obama side of thinking, Dan Bokenko. In his Nov. 23 letter, he says the Republican pool of candidates was shallow – whatever he means by that. All Republicans can say the same about all the people who are Democrats and Democratic candidates. They think only about themselves and not about the consequences of their votes.

Mr. Bokenko repeats propaganda put out by the Democratic Party in its push to discredit Republican views, that Republicans see Americans as freeloaders. If Mr. Bokenko would just think about that idea, he would see that continuation of the past policies has made twice as many poor people today after President Obama has been in power for four years than there were when he came into power.

Something has to change. To me it is that we have to teach our people better ways of coping with their problems: keeping families intact, keeping healthy living habits, staying away from mind-altering drugs, doing well in school, taking care of your own children, staying out of debt.

About “serving,” I think he means in the military. Barack Obama never served. Since Republican Richard Nixon – who has been chastised – stopped the draft, a few dedicated people have gone into the military.

The whole discussion about the right to have the government pay for contraception has come completely from the Democrats’ campaign. Republicans have rightly shown that the question interferes with the religious rights of some citizens. Speaking of being shallow, can one deny religious rights to only a few of our people and not all people? Many people think that is next.

As for Mr. Bokenko’s thinking on the Obamacare discussion, Republicans have said all along many things are needed to change health care, but not at the extent that has been passed in Congress, such as taking money from Medicare to put into Obamacare.

Instead of trying to justify his vote, Mr. Bokenko should just say, “I am a Democrat.” That is OK. We need the two-party system. A third party only puts in the minority candidate.

Marlis Laursoo

Glenwood Springs

As a third-generation rancher and farmer who looks to pass the farming tradition on to future generations of Klaseens, I feel compelled to write and share my support for the U.S. Department of Interior’s balanced approach to oil shale development.

Under its plan, some 1,000 square miles of public lands will be made available for companies to continue to perform research and development. This has been a 100-plus year experiment, however, and until companies figure out both the technology and what impact it will have on our water, leasing our public lands for industrial-scale development makes little sense.

Producers like myself, who have seen their share of oil shale booms and busts and water droughts, continue to be deeply concerned about how a water-intensive oil shale industry will impact our way of lives.

Charles Klaseen


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