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It all started a week before Strawberry Days. The parking lot that surrounds Xpresso, the drive-through coffee place on Grand, was turned into dirt, rocks and car-eating ruts. Then there was a problem with an aquifer, which required more heavy machinery and a lot of mud. Then the two entrances to Xpresso, from Grand, were blocked off. For four days out of this past month, a sign on their window said closed.

Even when they were open, passersby assumed they were closed due to all the construction. With all these obstacles, I still managed to get my caffeine at Xpresso (less those four days). Others chose to get their coffee elsewhere.

Greg Jesuroga has been owner/operator of Xpresso for the past 10 years. Being an entrepreneur is never easy, and losing business for one straight month can be devastating. Greg managed to persevere. Sadly this meant maxing his credit cards and selling his Jeep just to keep his head above water.

Greg and his family have been contributing members to this community for at least 12 years. I don’t know him that well. But he seems to be the kind of guy that would be willing to help others if need be.

So the next time you need a caffeine fix, you might want to give Xpresso a try. Service is quick, the price is right, the staff is courteous and all kids get a sucker. If you go often enough, they start making your favorite beverage the minute they see you coming. Greg could use a hand up about now. Besides, it’s the right thing to do.

Olivia Heller

Glenwood Springs

How long did it take Sheriff Lou Vallario to figure out spending $50K per year to run a program that brings in $36K per year does not fit the definition of revenue? Oh well, Lou says it’s just pocket change.

Apparently he’s right, since taxpayers are footing the quarter-million-dollar bill for the sheriff’s personal power wagon. I realize that Lou is entering his SWAT team in contests and they’re doing well. Maybe next time a kid needs an aspirin and an ice pack, they’ll be more polite.

I also read what a good job Lou’s team did in capturing the guy who got a 350-year sentence for miscellaneous mayhem. Yup, great job. Shot him with bean bags instead of bullets, so now we get to spend millions to house this low-life.

When Lou gets the armored tank, I’ll sleep better knowing the twin silos of Silt won’t go down without a fight.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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