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Earlier, I shared my personal ideology of the 7 G’s: God, Guns, Grub, Gold, Gas, Ground, and Gumption. I briefly discussed principles that prove themselves useful, even crucial, in times of emergency or disaster. Many have asked that I elaborate, so I will try to cover one each in seven letters.

Gas: Fuel, gasoline, diesel, propane, kerosene, lamp oil, candles, firewood, matches, generator, mobile solar panel, batteries, etc.

Recent disasters have again shown the importance and advantage of extra fuel and power sources for use in times of shortages and emergencies. This becomes more crucial in times of winter when lower temperatures can create risk for the extremely young or elderly.

Store gasoline in standard five-gallon cans and cycle through it regularly. Get in the habit now of keeping your vehicle’s tank half full in case you need to travel further than expected. Gasoline is always the first thing to run out as people are trying to evacuate or transport as much as possible.

As appropriate, store bottles of propane, kerosene, or lamp oils for cooking and lighting. Candles and matches can be stored almost indefinitely, but installed batteries can leak, thus ruining the devices.

Consider purchasing a generator and/or mobile solar panel for your home. These can charge batteries and run appliances. One or two extra car batteries left on solar trickle-chargers are wonderful. They can be used to charge cell phones, provide light, and even run laptops for an impromptu movie night in the living room for the family during a power outage.

Now, this is very important: With the use of these things comes tremendous responsibility.

If you store and use flammable compounds such as these, great care and experience will help ensure that they do not create risk or disaster. Carbon monoxide poisoning and fire (from using some of these indoors) is the leading cause of death when misused.

Consult with your fire department regarding the best ways and locations to ventilate, store, and use these in and around your home. They are happy to counsel citizens in these matters.

Edward Wilks


Ever hear of Richard Cloward or Frances Fox Piven? They were very liberal, radical Columbia University sociologists who proposed a strategy seeking to hasten the fall of capitalism and collapsing of the U.S. economic system, reconstructing it into one that is more favorable to unions and a socialistic philosophy. It’s accomplished by establishing cradle-to-the-grave entitlement dependent programs.

When enough people receive food stamps, government health care, Medicaid, disability, unemployment, free child care and who knows what else, these entitlements will bankrupt the system.

Cloward and Piven predicted the results to be a profound financial and political crisis at the national level. Enter Obamacare. This program is the nail in the coffin. Get ready to welcome in socialism and theft of property, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by the “have-nots” aka the “takers.”

Maybe we all ought to stop paying our taxes until we all pay our fair share and our elected representatives do the job we elected them to do, which is to drastically reduce spending.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

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