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I was at first bemused by the Nov. 29 article on homeless people in Carbondale. Then, as I digested it, not a little shocked.

After all, every one of the world’s major religions, without exception, tell us to give to those less fortunate than we.

The sheriff says there’s a problem. Apparently irate people have complained.

What’s the problem? Irate about what? Are the complainers angry that other people are broke and homeless? Are they upset because these same folks ask for money?

A lot of things make me mad, but I just can’t even get slightly irritated over that. If you don’t like them asking, don’t give them money, but don’t chase them away, for heaven’s sake.

When I’m at the 82-133 intersection waiting for the left turn light, I hand out a dollar if I have one in my pocket (which isn’t always). There are several reasons for this, ranging from good karma to the urging of the Golden Rule.

And, I must admit, with some embarrassment, that for about 10 seconds, I take time out from being a selfish jerk. A buck is a small price to pay for that.

The article vaguely refers to highway safety regulations. Who’s threatened? Certainly not the drivers. I’ve found the folks with the signs to be much more polite than the rest of us, say, driving on 82 during rush hour, or standing in your average supermarket checkout line.

Maybe the people asking for money could be injured if a car jumps the median, but that risk is minimal.

Here I am, sitting with my window rolled up, with nothing to do but think about my life and problems, obviously the most important things on the planet. When I roll down my window and hand a buck to a waiting hand, I don’t even think about the terrible risk of pneumonia during those few seconds of fresh air.

It’s the Christmas season, people. A fellow human standing in the cold deserves the charity that the holiday implies.

Pat Dalrymple


Shame on Sheriff Lou Vallario.

There are so many things wrong with the Nov. 29 article on the homeless of our community, I don’t know where to begin. How about starting with the fact that a high school student has more compassion than our sheriff? In today’s economic climate, that homeless person could be any one of us.

How much of our valley’s resources are spent on people who are breaking the law by entering our country illegally? Perhaps if we stop feeding them and giving them free medical care, they will go back where they came from. Really? I am outraged at the sheriff’s cavalier attitude. He speaks as if he is ridding the community of rodents, not people.

I just watched the evening news highlight a New York police officer who used his own money to purchase a pair of winter boots for a homeless man who had no shoes or socks in the winter cold. That is an example of an officer who serves his entire community’s needs. If we are going “to put out the trash,” I say we start with the sheriff.

Glenwood Springs has many hard-working, wonderful organizations whose sole purpose is to assist those in need. I hope they all let the sheriff know what they think of his opinions.

Patty Haenny

Glenwood Springs

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