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I just read an article written by David Coughlin, a recently retired IBM employee, who now manages his own website ( and is an active member of the Tea Party. His article, “Democrats Stole the Election,” basically accuses the Democrats of stealing this election by voter fraud.

I read this with a little doubt, even though I am a Tea Party member. I knew that just being associated with this group destroys all credibility of truth with the left wing and could only be a “sour grapes” response to losing this election. The facts, though, may very well indicate a very big problem in America that should concern all Americans, regardless of political affiliation.

One fact is that President Obama won every state that has no voter ID requirements and lost in every state that did. Does this make any sense unless there was voter fraud occurring in the states without ID requirements? Is there any proof of voter fraud in these states?

In Nevada, North Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin, touch-screen voting machines recorded votes for Mitt Romney as votes for Obama. Republican poll watchers were denied entrance to precincts in several states, or thrown out once discovered.

In Lucie County, Fla., there are 175,574 registered voters, but 247,713 votes were counted. Palm Beach County had a 141 percent turnout. Wood County, Ohio, had 106,258 votes counted and only 98,213 registered voters. In 21 of those districts, Obama got 100 percent of the votes, and Romney did not have one vote. What are the odds on that? This occurred in several other states as well. Investigations are being conducted in many of these cases currently.

Allegations of vans loaded with people being driven from one precinct to another are being accounted as truth from witnesses who saw it happen. People have been heard bragging that they voted more than once and some several times. All of this is occurring in states without voter ID laws.

The fix is easy. Require all states to enforce photo ID’s in order to vote.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

Those who reject the idea of taxes in principle are economic traitors. Even churches suggest percentages, as well as racketeers.

On taxes: Tax breaks for millionaires? Are we subsidizing the egos of the poor little rich? Are they so lame that they need such incentives? Are we referring to disposable income? Is this systemic genocide of the rich? Is it a socialist plot to damn capitalism?

The better question is: Who is behind the belief that taxes are bad and stifle growth? It is a privilege to pay taxes on disposable income.

However, investments that generate that income should be tax free. That’s where the incentives are. All new business and research and development, all job incentives kept inside the U.S., and any new business, large or small, should be tax free.

Does Grover Norquist keep company that far from anti-American interests? He sure has a lot of power over half the Congress.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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