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Richard Doran’s rediscovery of PM (Perception Management) is so timely, although his attribution to the Barack Obama campaign attempts to skirt other marvelous examples of the technique.

In my lifetime, Adolph Hitler and his regime honed PM to a fine art, with huge group gatherings in stadiums ringed with swastikas and Nazi flags. His Propaganda Reichsminister Joseph Goebbels even had the newspapers and moviemakers marching to the tune of Deutschland Uber Alles. Nazi party operatives were cunningly installed in all branches of the German government to insure that all good Germans toed the mark.

In current history, we find the big lie practiced by George W. Bush, with his appearances stage-managed so that no dissenters are allowed to interrupt the party line, and always appearing with lots of huge American flags. His propaganda minister, Karl Rove, colluded with stalwarts such as Fox’s Rupert Murdoch and Clear Channel’s Mays family to disseminate the right-wing message. Neo-cons were dispatched throughout the United States government in emulation of Der Fuhrer’s master plan. Sadly, this continues to this day with more and more erosion of our Constitution, with thousands and thousands of American and Iraqi lives lost or permanently damaged and with our economy in debt to China for billions and billions of dollars.

Projecting into the future a bit, let’s assume that John McCain becomes president. The neo-cons installed by the Bush regime will retain most of their jobs thanks to Republican party politics, the immoral Iraq war will grind on, continuing to screw our great country straight into the ground; Afghanistan will continue its regression into an opium-growing Taliban state; and our disastrous foreign policy will continue, guided by a man whose favorite song is “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, … Bomb, Bomb Iran.”

The USA desperately needs a new vision and new leadership, not “Four More Years.”

Jan Girardot

Glenwood Springs

Just wanted to drop a line to agree with Police Chief Terry Wilson when he stated the serious concern for underage drinking being provided by of-age adults who haven’t yet matured. Whether it be at the Summer Of Jazz or elsewhere.

How would one live with him/herself the day the front-page Glenwood Springs Post Independent relates a child had been killed in an auto accident, taking one passenger from the vehicle he/she struck? Alcohol being the factor for his/her driving error.

One would consider the of-aged purchasing for the underaged knows the child, would know the parents as well. What a sobering avenue to maturity that adult will live with for the rest of his/her life. Not to mention the child that didn’t even have the opportunity to reach maturity.

Then there are the family members of those that are left behind, stripped instantaneously of their years as they go on in life in unforgiving, endless grief.

Being a new resident of Glenwood Springs, I have been meaning to attend one of these fabulous entertainment experiences the citizens here have the privilege of enjoying, every Wednesday in the summer, at their local park. Unheard of in Denver or its suburbs. More reason for me to attend now.

If you would kindly pass the word to Chief Terry Wilson that he has a citizen that when attending this event, or any other, will be attentive, whether purchasing or just simply casually being a passerby at The Beer Stand. I will not stand for it.

Kimberly Tamburello

Glenwood Springs

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