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Earlier, I shared my personal ideology: The 7 G’s: God, Guns, Grub, Gold, Gas, Ground and Gumption. I briefly discussed principles which prove themselves useful, even crucial, in times of emergency or disaster. Many have asked that I elaborate, so I will try to cover one each in seven letters.

Ground: Land, dirt, property, your own home, ranch, farm, etc.

One of the most important parts of this type of preparation and readiness is a place to begin, practice and maintain these principles.

For some, this means living on a parcel of land outside the city, away from other people, with a garden, some basic farm animals, solar power and their own well. For others, it’s an apartment or house in town, implementing indoor water storage and a pantry full of food and supplies.

Either way, your main consideration should be this: Do you own the ground where you currently reside? Can that ground independently hold, maintain, sustain and defend your needs?

It does no good to rent an apartment, or even a home with a garage and shop filled with scriptures, firearms, food, gold and supplies if your landlord loses his house in this economy and subsequently evicts you so he can live in the one thing he still does own. Where will you go, or live, or store your items if you suddenly have to move?

Owning your own land has always been the best option. Build, organize and utilize it the way that best suits the needs of you and your family.

Finally, choose a close, trustworthy family and plan and organize together. Understand the needs and strengths of each so that if one location is devastated or evacuated, you move and contribute to the other.

Work together to comprehend and be prepared for various possibilities. Share your own good ideas and plans with those around you. Not only will you minimize your dependency on government aid or rescue, you will be a force for good in your area.

A complete explanation of “The 7 G’s” is at: http://www.625guns. com/7g.

Edward Wilks


Last week there was an article on the national news that there were still approximately 30,000 people still without power after Hurricane Sandy, and that the relief fund was about to run out of funds. Also, it has been reported that the Obamas are going on vacation over Christmas to Hawaii, at the cost of approximately $4 million of our taxpayer dollars.

If the president is “of the people and for the people,” why don’t they just stay home and give the $4 million to the people who are in dire need of all the help they can get? It seems that the Obamas are thumbing their noses at the common people and saying, “We are better than you, and we deserve a trip to where it is nice and warm.”

With the “fiscal cliff” hanging over the heads of everyone, not one of the politicians in Washington, D.C., should get a Christmas break until it has been taken care of for the good of the people and the country.

Cecil Waldron


Kudos to the Garfield Board of County Commissioners for taking a stand against the obstructionist green lobby and their complicit federal agencies.

The BLM’s decision to withdraw the vast majority of oil-shale-rich land from ever being considered for potential leasing was an ill-thought-out, knee-jerk reaction to a handful of folks who oppose any viable energy production.

The BLM decision was a slap in the face to Garfield County residents, who had dared to hope for a bright economic future for themselves and their children. It was another example of professional environmentalists, few of whom actually live where this development would take place, dictating to the “little people” how we should make our livings, and what opportunities should be available to us.

Thank goodness our county is blessed to have elected officials such as Tom Jankovsky and John Martin who take their responsibility to represent the best interests of their constituents, and have the guts to stand up and say no to a heavy-handed bureaucracy that takes its marching orders from people who care more about advancing an uninformed political agenda designed in Washington, D.C., than they do about struggling families who are their neighbors.

Marilyn Oden


Wow, it’s bad enough to have every news channel on TV, other than Fox, lean to the left. Now Jan Girardot wants to stop KGLN from broadcasting the conservative talk shows. (See his letter of Dec. 11.)

The media’s bias is so blatant, it’s disgusting. But that’s what conservatives are forced to listen to every time we turn on ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, public radio and so on. As we’re not living in a communist country, I believe the station owners have the right to broadcast what they choose.

Please, KGLN, keep the programs you currently have on, so we conservatives can at least have the radio if we don’t have the TV.

Monica Blake

Glenwood Springs

A few thoughts about Sarah Gilman’s column of Dec. 7, “If not here, where?”

We are in an eternal war that will not end until Beauty defeats the Beast. Our Earth is sacred, as is all natural life upon it.

Thanks to the Internet, we know there are many clean, alternative energy systems invented by man that would allow us to cut back considerably on further oil and gas development. Tragically, these beneficial inventions have been suppressed for a long time by the power elite to further their agenda. Obviously the status quo has got to go.

Ms. Gilman talks about “the machinery of our vast collective energy appetite,” and that “it’s time to go on an energy diet.”

Could a consumer mind-set have been deliberately foisted on a gullible and unsuspecting public? Think of what credit cards have done.

Conservation is definitely a good habit, but it need not be practiced at the expense of a reasonably comfortable lifestyle for all. Alternative energy systems, if allowed to come into their own, could be a large part of the solution to turning our home, Earth, back into the pristine paradise of yore.

Keep the faith.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.”

– Rumi

Steve Campbell

Glenwood Springs

Randy Fricke’s letter of Dec. 11 blames Republicans for not being in Washington. Where is the president? He is still campaigning. He isn’t in Washington either. He won the election. Isn’t it time he goes to work?

How about Harry Reid? If he would get the Senate working, that might help. He won’t even bring the president’s budget to the Senate floor for a vote. We haven’t had a budget for four years, and that is a violation of the law.

So don’t just blame Republicans, Mr. Fricke. Your boys are just as dirty. Maybe if reporters would ask the president and Democrats tough questions, they might be in trouble.

Joseph Ceremuga

New Castle

I just want to thank Jan Girardot for listing the radio shows available on KGLN, our local station in his Dec. 11 letter. How nice to know there is an alternative to KNFO’s mostly liberal programming except for Sunday morning and daily Rush Limbaugh, whom I keep up with, and appreciate for exposing the strategies of the left to socialize our nation and make us pawns of the United Nations, among other real bad ideas.

I see Bill Bennett, Glenn Beck, Neal Boortz, who is retiring and letting Herman Cain take over, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Savage Nation, Roger Hedgecock and Red Eye are easy to find now by just tuning to 980 AM.

I am so happy to know that and am tuning in already. It is a small effort to balance the spin from the mainstream media, which screen all stories that don’t make the left look smart and successful. (So few reports on the Benghazi story, e.g, sadly.) Listeners can always go to KNFO for Randi Rhodes and Thom Hartmann, if they like. Most modern radios have both AM and FM, if I am not mistaken.

Joan Kavanaugh

Glenwood Springs

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