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I have just started noticing and reading the Charles Krauthammer columns. I thank you for providing a different point of view. I think his commentaries and opinion are very interesting. I think the more varied the views, the better we can understand the issues at hand.

Alex De La Garza

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s note: Mr. Krauthammer’s columns appear on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. He is a columnist with the Washington Post Writer’s Group.

This letter is in response to Jan Girardot’s Dec. 11 letter and his objection to KGLN’s conservative news-talk programming format. If he believes that KGLN should have its broadcast license renewal revoked by the Federal Communications Commission for not “acting in the public interest,” then he needs to consider the following information.

The First Amendment to the Constitution states in part, “Congress shall make no law respecting … or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press …”

Given that, why does Congress require radio stations to obtain a government-granted license in order to conduct private enterprise business? That’s ham-fisted, mastermind, statist government control.

Newspapers are not required to obtain a license from a federal newspaper commission to publish a newspaper or to conform to or “act in the public interest.” What exactly is “public interest?” That term is vague at best.

The FCC has five commissioners who are appointed by the president and approved by the Senate. According to laws made by Congress, which should not be making such laws according to the First Amendment, three of the five members are required to be members of the same political party. Currently, the commission has three Democrats and two Republicans.

If KGLN has a conservative slant to its programming, where does that leave taxpayer-subsidized National Public Radio, or radio station KDNK in Carbondale? NPR and KDNK are an exploitation of liberal, biased propaganda. KDNK is required to have a FCC-granted license as is any station. How about a bandwagon cadre to deny KDNK of its right to broadcast liberal propaganda? KDNK’s broadcast license renewal should be revoked for not “acting in the public interest.” Censorship is good for the goose as it is for the gander.

MBC Grand Broadcasting and KGLN have sponsors and advertisers. NPR and KDNK would not exist without taxpayer subsidies, corporate underwriters, member donations and fat cat millionaire George Soros’s contributions.

I enjoy KGLN’s format. I don’t agree with NPR and KDNK, so censor them. I invite Mr. Girardot to look at these two websites and make his own conclusions about radio programming bias:

Chris Mecham

Glenwood Springs

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