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I would like to comment while it is still fresh. On Dec. 14, 20 children and six adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, in Newtown, Conn.

When I was in kindergarten, a friend of mine was shot and killed by a neighbor child. It was accidental, but I’m pretty sure her parents were devastated just the same.

I realize people have a right to bear arms, but we have a serious gun issue and need to address this sooner than later. The NRA, of course, is a strong advocate of gun rights. However, I wonder how many members would feel comfortable telling the parents of the dead children, “It’s not the gun, it’s the person.”

I read recently where someone commented (online) saying, “Where does it stop?” referring to harassment to gun owners. The commenter asked, “Do we outlaw a rope or knife or hands, because all three things can kill?”

While that may be true, it is incredibly difficult to murder a lot of people before either being stopped or caught, while a gun can generally hit as many as six or more in a short amount of time.

I ask readers, where do we place the value? On a piece of metal that can inflict great harm or a human being? Please don’t write back saying I know nothing about guns. I don’t really care. Let’s be rational and protect ourselves, not with a gun but with laws that stop the ability to walk out of a gun show with a semi-automatic gun or with any kind of gun before having a background check.

Listen, if you have no prior convictions or mental history that would cause a red flag, than you should have nothing to fear.

Merry Christmas to all and hug your children tight.

Janice Sebald

New Castle

Having read Doug Meyers’s numerous letters over the years, something seemed off with his “You own it” letter of Nov. 28. I opined on Dec. 4 that he might have written more if he had not been limited by the PI’s 350-word count. So I Googled “You own it.” It turns out I was more correct than I suspected.

The original “You own it” rant was written by someone going by the initials HAPD, a particularly anguished individual who posts on a website called “TheeRant.” This person has thousands of posts. The “You own it” post, dated Nov. 19, was 388 words. Mr. Meyers’s selective editing to fit the Post Independent’s word count left out seven of HAPD’s points, totaling about 40 words.

Unless Mr. Meyers is himself HAPD, it is beyond ironic that he wrote a 348-word letter about what Democrats should now “own,” when he didn’t “own” any of the views in his letter. He may share them, but HAPD owned them because he wrote them. Is HAPD an acronym for “Have A Pleasant Day?” If Mr. Meyers is HAPD, please accept my apology, and my sympathy. (I read other HAPD posts.)

On a more serious note, it is one thing to take credit for another person’s writing, it is quite another to suggest that people should boycott companies because they care about the environment. Funny, I never mentioned the gas industry. Mr. Meyers’s assumption speaks volumes. My air problem was with a batch plant. Apparently his belief system extends to judging a company on its politics, instead of the quality of their products and services. How refreshing and inspiring.

Speaking of which, it was classy of the Post Independent to print Mr. Meyers’s not-so-veiled suggestion (read threat). That should encourage business owners to make their voices heard in this forum. The PI’s note on letters states: “Letters considered libelous, obscene, in bad taste or containing personal attacks will not be printed.” What is the PI’s definition of a personal attack?

I cannot earn Doug Meyers’ business because of my beliefs. I honestly didn’t think my letters affected our business. How naive. I own that.

Craig S. Chisesi


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