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We have just read the Dec. 13 news brief from the Associated Press, “Rescued doc expected back.” We were appalled the paper did nothing to include any information to recognize or honor the memory of SEAL Team Six member Petty Officer 1st Class Nicolas D. Checque, age 28, from Monroeville, Pa.

This American hero died to protect an individual belonging to a group of fools who think people who have been killing themselves (and others) over tribal fanaticism for thousands of years even care or appreciate our intervention.

We also had a truly horrendous reaction to the following quote from Lars Peterson, spokesperson for Morning Star Development, regarding the rescued individual: “He’s such a positive and encouraging person. Life kind of exudes from him.” Great! In the face of the fact an American hero died for him, this is quite a cavalier quote. What an egotistical batch of naïve “experts” Morning Star represents.

One of our nephews spent three tours in Helmand province and, thank God, came home in one piece, feeling the whole time he was over there he was perceived as the enemy. When are we as a nation going to realize these people don’t want us there? Most of these groups’ goals are to continue to subjugate and kill their own people to achieve their perverse agenda of religious domination.

Our leaders truly need a reality check. Anyone who watched the pathetic lack of remorse and caring toward the families of the Benghazi victims (as demonstrated by our president and secretary of state) understand this lack of touch with reality.

God help us, as we have lost the political and human ability to help ourselves.

Tom and Jane Ashworth


Bravo to Chris Lane, as reported in the Dec. 13 PI, “An electrifying situation. He has just retrofitted his home to be possibly the first zero-plus home in the valley, if not the state. By using his home to power itself along with his transportation, he is leading us into the 21st century.

Two points I would like to make. One, return on investment calculations for energy efficiency are no longer valid, any more than the ROI for your roof or washing machine.

Two, conservation and efficiency are two different animals. Efficiency is living in a warm comfortable home at little or no cost. Conservation is living in an igloo giving up comfort and a healthy home to save money.

Great job Chris.

Richard Mills


The North Fork Valley constitutes one of only 189 American Viticultural Areas (AVA) in the United States. Napa, in California, is another.

It is bad management to lease lands with the intent to industrialize an AVA. This is a rare and unique designation that promises multi-generational, sustainable economic development. To industrialize the region by leasing parcels in close association with the vineyards, and, by extension, the organic and artisanal food producers that always develop hand in hand with an AVA, is without question to destroy what would otherwise become an economic asset and point of pride for the state of Colorado.

Lease these parcels and the BLM proves it is incapable of planning past five years. That’s when the wells run dry, the agricultural opportunities are ruined, tourism becomes a thing of the past, and the tax base has moved to a state with the gumption and foresight to plan for the next generation.

Eugenia Bone

Crawford and New York City

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