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In response to those chastising Jan Girardot for his Dec. 11 letter objecting to KGLN radio’s programming, let me try to clarify a few things. First, the Post Independent editors did him a disservice by titling his letter “Listener objects to right-wing slant of KGLN programming.” Mr. Girardot was not objecting to the fact that right-wingers have their own programming. His concern is the “vitriol” and the “distortion, slanting, and rigging” of the information being put out by the mostly Fox News hosts.The problem is, people who listen to those programs believe they’re getting real information, from credible and respected sources. They seriously have no idea that the information is being distorted in such a way as to generate fear and hatred of the government, the president and liberals. And guess what? It’s working. Just read the Post Independent letters and you can pick out the Fox/KGLN listeners right away. They’re the ones who believe that Obama’s presidency is illegitimate, will ruin our country, turn us into socialists, take away our freedom, guns and religion. They outwardly despise liberals, believing them to be godless freeloaders, and think the mainstream media has a liberal bias.Those are all lies, but Fox followers don’t know that, so they think they have good reason to fear and hate the president and their liberal neighbors. It’s a sad truth that right-wing pundits are doing this country great harm. They’re turning neighbor against neighbor, creating hatred and fear, spreading outright lies about our government, president and the left.Mr. Girardot wrote, “The FCC has stated publicly that ‘rigging or slanting the news is a most heinous act against the public interest.'” So I second his call to write to the FCC and protest the renewal of the KGLN license coming up on April 1, 2013. We liberals will be doing conservatives a favor by eliminating the voices of the fear-mongering, conniving, lying pundits they’ve come to rely on for their information. Think of it as an intervention; we just want conservatives to learn the truth so they can stop living in fear and hating their fellow Americans.Sue GrayCarbondale

The shooting in Newtown, Conn., is such a huge tragedy for America to grasp. I am so very sorry. I think that maybe this valley might come away from this event with perhaps a little better understanding. I have always thought that there was a need for police officers coming to the schools and walking up and down the halls of every school. It may nor may not have prevented this. I think maybe violence on TV is the real culprit. Unless you are a very vigilant parent, children and young adults are subjected to an awful lot of violence on television. I don’t think there may be any real answer. I think Dr. Phil has said it best. Until a person gets past the age of 21 to 25, their brain is not yet completely developed, and they can’t grasp what the outcome of their actions will be. We will never know what prompted this person to do this terrible thing. Gov. Hickenlooper wants to discuss gun control again. There are lots of people who think we don’t need guns. A majority of people think we do. My feeling is if safe and sane people don’t have guns, then the criminal element will. At best, we just need to pray for the victims and their families. Jane SpauldingCarbondale

When will we see the war protests and the letters of outrage from the left regarding the decision by the Obama administration, the most transparent administration ever, to secretly send 3,000 military personnel back into Iraq? When will we see the college campus protests over the 17,000 additional military personnel that are currently on their way back to Iraq? When will we see the outrage from the media over the Obama administration sending missiles and troops into Turkey? When are we going to see the those on the left slam the Obama administration for sending the USS Enterprise into the region to join the USS Iwo Jima off the coast of Syria, all due to a so-called threat of chemical weapons? These same weapons that were smuggled into Syria from Iraq by Saddam Hussein before the Bush administration invaded Iraq – the very same WMDs that did not exist according to those on the left?The answer to those questions is, never. Now we might see some letters blaming President Bush and or Superstorm Sandy for these military moves. After all, Superstorm Sandy and Bush are now blamed for the high unemployment and will continue to be blamed for the next four years. We will never see those on the left condemn these actions because many of the most vocal on the left are hypocrites. When Bush was in office, a home on Grand Avenue displayed a flag with a peace sign proudly in the front window facing Grand Avenue. When Obama became president, it disappeared. We came to expect a weekly candlelight vigil in Carbondale protesting the military action and the war over oil by the Bush administration. Now we only see protests in Carbondale against a firm that is trying to help the environment, the same environment that many in Carbondale claim to be saving on a daily basis. Does anyone see the hypocrisy? Apparently the county commissioners consulted with Superstorm Sandy and George Bush before they gave approval for the recycling project. They will regret that decision. The hypocrisy of the left is never ending. Doug MeyersGlenwood Springs

I guess I should have anticipated the response to my letter regarding KGLN. I guess I am just a slow learner. While most of the responses came through the Post Independent, one came via the email address I gave in my first letter.The common feature of all responses has been that they completely missed the point: There is only one local station on the Amplitude Modulation dial, and it espouses only the far-right political viewpoint. Chris Mecham’s letter of Dec. 15 raised the issue of sponsorship. What is the difference between (a) sponsors and advertisers and (b) corporate underwriters? I need to interject that NPR has a large, continuing subsidy thanks to the estate of Joan Kroc, widow of Ray Kroc of McDonald’s restaurant fame. Mr. Mecham also waved the conservative herring about “fair and balanced.” Listeners to KAJX will notice a program on Friday afternoons, “Left, Right & Center,” which presents the views of a wide range of political persuasions. Monica Blake, in her Dec. 13 letter, even noticed that some of KNFO’s lineup included conservatives and Rush Limbaugh. In contrast, all programming on MBC Grand’s KGLN is far-right to the extreme, not making even a pretext at being fair and balanced.Here’s a pop quiz: On election eve, did Mr. Mecham, Mr. Zordel, Ms. Blake and Ms. Kavanaugh think that Mr. Romney was winning by a landslide? Fox “News” seemed to think so. All this makes the Post Independent editorial pages look better and better.Jan GirardotGlenwood Springs

Although I rarely agree with his political views, I concur completely with Hal Sundin’s two recent columns regarding the foolishness of the Grand Avenue bridge replacement decision, and the political farce surrounding it. I suspect that his views reflect a substantial majority of those of us who live in central Glenwood Springs.Mike SpenceGlenwood Springs

Thousands of persons have nowhere to live and can’t get enough food, and our president is taking a $4 million vacation in Hawaii with his family. New Orleans may have been George Bush’s, but this one is President Obama’s.Thanks, Mr. President, for caring.Larry BorgardNew Castle

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