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Again following a mass shooting, gun sales are on the rise.

As a warning it should be noted that the death of Vincent Van Gogh, long thought to be a suicide, is now considered an accidental shooting, that he carried along a gun hoping to frighten away a group of children who were harassing him as he tried to paint in the fields around Arles, and that in a scuffle he was shot in the stomach, certainly not a likely target in suicide.

The negative potential of a gun should never be underestimated. The tragedy of Van Gogh is that at the peak of his artistic powers, creating paintings that are still so beautifully alive today, his life was ended by the power of a gun.

The tragedy of America is that the power of the gun is so accepted as positive.

Robert Porath


Last year Planned Parenthood used its $5,000 grant from Garfield County to help provide needed health services to 100 poor women in Garfield County.

This year our county commissioners have found a flimsy excuse to withhold that grant, even though it was recommended by the Human Services Commission.

Commissioner John Martin says it’s because Planned Parenthood is a national organization. Catholic Charities is an enormous national organization, as are the Retired Seniors Volunteer Program and Reach Out and Read. So that excuse sure doesn’t pass the sniff test.

Our board of county commissioners is obviously hiding behind a very thinly veiled excuse for promoting their own personal agendas.

Mary Bowling

Glenwood Springs

When it comes to federal taxes, I compare Congress and our federal government to a burglar who breaks into your home and steals your food from your refrigerator and kitchen cupboards after you just bought them at the grocery store.

Millions of Americans just paid their federal taxes before or after April 15. Congress and the federal government does not have an approved budget from which to work, nor is it ever balanced. Yet they keep taxing Americans for money they can’t manage.

The new year, 2013, is almost here and the burglar, Congress and the federal government, will be trying to steal more money from you again. We are working with an outdated, non-reformed, broken tax system. The IRS has wasted billions of dollars on fraudulent overpayments for years.

American taxpayers pay way too much in taxes to the federal government. All totaled, individual American taxpayers pay 66 percent of federal revenue in taxes. American corporations and Wall Street pay only 12 percent of the federal tax revenue. The remaining tax revenue comes from imports and miscellaneous sources.

What is wrong with this picture? Corporate America and Wall Street have most of the wealth, cash, stocks, bonds and real estate in this country. Plus, they own tax-exempt businesses overseas. By sitting on $2 trillion plus for four years, job creation has been scant at best. Worst of all, we bailed them out.

The American people need to quit paying for corporate America’s tax bills. Corporate America needs to pay the 66 percent, and not you and me. Corporate America, Wall Street, and the federal government are all in your kitchen stealing your food. When will this robbery end?

Randy Fricke

New Castle

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