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Merry Christmas to the Grinch who stole my brand new winter wiper blades last week while I was attending a company party in Glenwood Springs. Cost of blades – $30. Driving home on roads with a fresh coat of mag chloride – priceless.

Mark Kisker


I write regarding the Dec. 17 article, “Silt files charges to force local man to clear his yard.”

In defense of my brother, Mark Anderson, Silt town nuisance of the week, I admit he does not fit into a Stepford world. When we were kids in the 1950s and ’60s, the town dump, neighbor’s trash set out for pick up, and Dad’s scrap pile were all free stores for our energies and imaginations.

We had one of the coolest tunnels in our yard that kept brothers, sisters and neighbor kids busy outside for a whole summer. Creative minds need more outlets than mowing twice a week to keep the lawn at exactly three inches tall.

Mark Anderson is a great example of ingenuity and attention to minute detail. He enjoys explaining how he can and does use tiny computer circuitry he has gathered. His “junk and rubbish” is definitely treasure to him that gives him hours of contentment sorting and finding new uses for.

His privacy fence doesn’t live up to its name when officials stand peeking over the top to see what cool stuff his yard has to explore.

Mark has followed his own dreams, paid his taxes, food and medical bills and is not a drag on city coffers. He is not trying to inconvenience anyone. In a perfect world, my brother would be allowed to enjoy his own little space on this planet for the short time he has to do so.

Melanie Sharp


I agree with Dan Snyder’s Dec. 20 letter about the Newtown tragedy. And I agree that the problem is the operator, not the gun.

There is one thing everyone is overlooking; the role the gunman’s mother played. She knew her son was mentally disadvantaged. Yet she failed to lock up her guns and ammo and even took him shooting. She probably did not regulate his video games pertaining to violence, which a mentally disadvantaged child should not watch.

If President Obama does anything, he should get a law passed that makes it a felony to allow mentally disadvantaged children access to unlocked firearms and ammo. Herein is the real crime, not the sale of guns to law-abiding citizens.

Ms. Lanza did not teach her son how to have responsibilities, however meager they were. I say lock up these parents who allow this. They are certainly a lot more culpable for these murders than a dope dealer is for merely delivering pot to a consenting adult.

Think about it. The lack of action on these parents is not my problem. I did not allow their child to use a gun.

How about a national register of all the mentally disadvantaged children and their parents so we can have a background check on them?

James A. Wingers


Marijuana’s brother plant, hemp, containing basically no THC content, has been banned in many places throughout the world today, and widely in the United States, aided by the diabolical war on drugs.

Hemp and marijuana have many uses, such as fiber, textiles, fuel, paper pulp and seed oil. This makes these plants a possible answer to the world’s pollution problem and more.

America’s founding fathers, including George Washington, were growers of hemp. Thomas Jefferson was probably the first hemp activist.

The United States, back in 1916 under Bulletin No. 404, from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, suggested hemp as an alternative for wood pulp, after discovering an acre of hemp yielded four times as much pulp as wood. And it can be grown virtually anywhere.

In terms of yield per acre, hemp probably out-produces cotton by at least 200 percent. Unlike cotton, hemp can be grown without the use of pesticides or insecticides. The cotton Industry relies highly on the chemical industry.

Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of death in this country from poisoning. It accounts for more fatalities each year than all drug overdoses combined. Ethanol, also known as alcohol, is the cleanest of fuels. Hemp can produce essentially totally clean ethanol. All plants are capable of producing ethanol fuel, but only cannabis is cost effective in growing.

So why is one little plant, having the answers from medical uses to replacing petroleum to pollutants and hazardous waste, not allowed to be cultivated? Chemical and pharmaceutical companies are among many industries that would be threatened by hemp production. Most threatened of all is the war on drugs, which has become a major money-making industry.

Dare to educate yourself. If you want to save our planet, don’t whisper about it, shout about it.

Baxter Bejin


Two of our three Garfield County commissioners vetoed their Human Services Commission’s decision to grant 1 percent of our human services sales tax dollars to our local Planned Parenthood health center.

Commissioner John Martin justified his decision by saying that Planned Parenthood is a “big national organization” and that the money should “benefit some of the local organizations.” But he has no objection to giving $19,000 in county funding to Catholic Charities, whose umbrella organization is one of the largest and richest in the world. This is the type of fuzzy logic we have come to expect from Commissioner Martin, and it is pointless to argue.

None of this $5,000 would have been used to support abortion services, even indirectly. It would have been used to provide health screenings and other basic services to local women who otherwise could not afford them. It saves us all money in the long run to detect cancers and other serious health problems early.

To do your part to help our local clinic keep providing these services, please send a check to the Planned Parenthood Health Center.

Nancy Smith


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