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Earlier, I shared my personal ideology: The 7 G’s: God, Guns, Grub, Gold, Gas, Ground, and Gumption. I briefly discussed principles which prove themselves useful, even crucial, in times of emergency or disaster. Many have asked that I elaborate, so I have covered one each in seven letters.

The 7th and final G: gumption – tenacity, bold resourcefulness, initiative, courage, spunk, aggressiveness, common sense, experience, wisdom, skill, strength, endurance … “stick-to-itiveness.”

Gumption is a Scottish term, and if you research its etymology, you’ll see why they invented it, and why I use it.

I explain it to my students this way: Gumption is the embodiment of the intrepid and resourceful spirit in those who make do with what they have, for nothing else is (nor ever will be) available to them.

The single mom, the poor rancher, the ill-equipped repairman, the young orphan daughter raising her two baby siblings – they have gumption. They just never brag about it.

The best way to succeed in the previous six G’s is to be wise regarding morality, virtue and ethics; vigilant regarding self-defense; experienced in gardening and food storage; studious concerning when (and when not) to buy gold and silver; secure in the diversity and proper storage and use of fuels; and thoughtful about when and where you buy land and how to use it beneficially.

In short, without the first G, “good moral compass,” the other G’s just mean you may be a bad person that can do more harm, to more people, for a longer period of time.

Equally, without the last G, you may prove yourself a fool, whose inexperience and improper behavior lead to bad decisions, misused resources, wasted time, labor and food, even financial destitution or damaged family relationships.

Gumption is the opposite of quitting, wastefulness, carelessness, cowardice, foolishness, ignorance, imbecility, impudence, inexperience, ineffectiveness, weakness and stupidity.

Gumption is awesomeness.

Try these principles and be a good example, be an inspiration, be a force for good.

A complete explanation of The 7 G’s is at:

Edward Wilks


I would like to sincerely give a big thanks to our Garfield County commissioners for not yielding to the tremendous pressure of pro-abortion advocates to continue funding Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood is not a health center. Planned Parenthood is an abortion center. Health and death are hardly synonymous. For far too long. abortion has been considered a woman’s health issue alone. What about the baby’s life and health issues?

Any real health care provided can easily be acquired elsewhere. The Pregnancy Resource Center provides real health care, emotional as well as physical, to both mother and baby, and at no cost to their clients. Planned Parenthood collects from clients as well as federal, state and county (no more) tax charities.

It is ridiculous to say that designated dollars given to Planned Parenthood do not go for abortions. Abortions are not decreased by designating dollars to be used elsewhere. It just frees up undesignated money to be used for abortions.

Why should local citizens be encouraged to make up these dollars, when, unlike other pregnancy centers that do not offer abortion, Planned Parenthood receives great quantities of our federal tax dollars? It is a central recipient of Obamacare money.

Thanks again, commissioners, for your consideration and extraordinary courage.

Ramona Talbott

New Castle

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