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The recent death of retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf is a huge loss to this nation.

There are probably many who have no idea who this man was or what he represented. Gen. Schwarzkopf was a living legend who took great pride in serving this great nation in the armed forces of the military, from his graduation at West Point in 1956 to his retirement after Operation Desert Storm, during the first Gulf War. He represented the time honored code of duty, honor, country.

During the Gulf War, he came to be known as “Stormin’ Norman.” Gen. Schwarzkopf earned his nickname honorably. When he spoke, those around him would listen intently and pay close attention to each and every detail.

During his 30-plus years of military service, he never backed down from anything. Defeat was not in this man’s vocabulary.

Gen. Schwarzkopf took great measures to keep his troops as safe as he could, while still completing the mission at hand. For this, he earned the respect and admiration of all those who served under his command. I know this because I met him once, during Desert Storm.

After General Schwarzkopf retired, I had truly hoped that he would’ve run for the presidency, because in my humble opinion I believe that he could’ve been one of the greatest presidents that this country has ever seen. I always thought of Stormin’ Norman as the John Wayne of all of the military commanders.

With all of the amendments that have been made to the U.S. Constitution over the years, why not make an amendment that would actually benefit our military for once? On top of having to be a natural born U.S. citizen and over the age of 35, let’s also insert a new stipulation that every candidate from here on who campaigns for the presidency must have served no less than at least four years in the military.

How would Mr. Obama feel about that?

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Schwarzkopf family.

Godspeed, General.

Dan Snyder


As a watcher of the Garfield County comedy for over 50 years, I was surprised to see the de-funding of the Planned Parenthood grant by the county commissioners. The budget of $120 million had not the space for a $5,000 grant? This in light of the revelation that these three Republican commissioners thought that a $260,000 expenditure from the 2012 discretionary economic development fund for the Rifle Air Show was in the public’s interest.

In trying to find a reason for such an illogical decision, I have come to think that this was a vindictive action against women in general for their lack of support of the Republican agenda and their abandonment at the polls, as well as a nod to the conservative Republican women’s base and the “right to be born then abandoned” Christian right.

The women of normal means, and especially women of color, do not have the avenues to women’s health and reproductive care as their more affluent sisters do. The long-term misery and the expense of such decisions is huge. I hope that the public will give Planned Parenthood the funds that were lost by this decision of the Garfield County commissioners.

Gregory Durrett

Glenwood Springs

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