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Tresi Houpt, as Garfield County’s representative on the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission, has an opportunity to show restrain and balance in acknowledging the vast concerns about the oil and gas rulemaking, and how it will affect our jobs in the bleak-looking economic situation.

The more than 2,000-plus business owners and energy workers, like me, who attended the June oil and gas hearing in Grand Junction rely on the industry, and need to know that she is taking into consideration our concerns when she votes in August.

Ms. Houpt will be voting on our livelihoods very soon, and I hope she agrees with Rep. Kathleen Curry that the rules go a bit past the legislative intent.

Edward Adcock

Grand Junction

Barack Obama, in a speech at Powder Springs, Ga., told Americans that some people want to make English our national language, but I think our kids should learn Spanish. Immigrants will learn English, but we need to make sure our kids can speak Spanish and become bilingual. This is very close to a direct quote.

It is estimated that 70 to 85 percent of American citizens would like to see English made our national language. I would consider that more than “some people.”

He said that it embarrasses him when Americans go to France and can’t even say thank you in French properly. Then why should we make our children learn the language of a people who come into this country illegally? Shouldn’t they learn our language, according to his thinking?

Both candidates for president made speeches recently at a National Council of La Raza conference. McCain promised “legal” immigrants help. Obama preached amnesty for all 12 million illegal immigrants that are here now. Amnesty has been granted seven times since the 1986 “One Time Only” blanket amnesty act. According to a study by the Center for Immigration Studies, this one act alone cost over 78 billion dollars. The taxes paid in by the amnesty recipients were calculated into this total.

England stopped printing all government forms in any language but English. They found that by printing information in the language of their illegal immigrants, it slowed assimilation and the desire to learn. Can you imagine that?

Obama, during this campaign, has shown that he stands where the left-wing Democrats put him. He flip flops on issues according to the crowd he is seeking votes from. He hasn’t changed. This is what he is, he demonstrated that when he sponsored a bill and got it placed on the Senate floor. When it came time to vote, he watched the left-wing Democrats vote against it and so following their lead, he voted against his own bill. Is this really the man for the job?

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

In the July 19th edition of the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, Mr. Bruno Kirchenwitz laid a whuppin’ on Sheriff Lou Vallario for the county’s successful SWAT team, the “pocket change” remark, acquisition of equipment, etc.

I don’t know what conflict with law enforcement has riled Mr. Kirchenwitz, but he can rest assured that, if he needs help, Sheriff Lou and his entire force will be there in his time of trouble, including SWAT, deputies, investigators, community service personnel (no aspirin or ice pack included), dog catcher or other services as required.

Sheriff Vallario is very dedicated to the safety of the county population, even to the point of acceptance of unwarranted criticism. What he really needs is for more people to quit being part of the problem and become assistants in finding solutions. The sheriff seems to be preparing for lost souls in the Rocky Mountains and at the same time anticipating trouble by the terrorist ranks. Do you know he even cares about the safety of your children on the way to and from school?

Give Lou a chance and he’ll help any way he can. Can you imagine, he even puts in a lot of overtime.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

This spring the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) went before the Garfield County Commissioners, asking their authorization to have a question put before the voters of Garfield County.

They were denied.

We the people of Garfield County were denied the opportunity to vote on the question. The question: Does Garfield County want to have a seat on the RFTA Board? Having a seat on the board would give an opportunity to impact decisions on the bus service available to all of Garfield County. It would require Garfield County to make a significant financial contribution to RFTA, which in turn would require a tax to the people in the county. Is it a good idea? Do the people want to be more involved with RFTA? Do people want to save money on gas? Is Garfield County ready to pay a tax for public transportation? We will never know because we were denied the right to vote.

This fall we will have the opportunity to vote for a candidate that remembers ours is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Vote for Steve Carter and restore our voice to the county government.

Elizabeth Chandler

New Castle

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