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I just read the pro-Planned Parenthood Top 10 story in the Dec. 30 Post Independent and, as one who has attended prayer vigils at the clinic for almost a year now, a little boots-on-the-ground perspective might be in order.

We would all be dancing around the maypole if Planned Parenthood were indeed so wonderful for families everywhere. What they dismiss – and we don’t and won’t – is the death and destruction in their wake.

To address the full body of rights singularly awarded to women via Roe vs. Wade, requires the annihilation of another’s. And enforcement of this bad law and the economic slavery required to keep this political entity in power and money, only freedom of speech – and especially fervent prayers – hold promise and hope together.

To bring this into full focus, we must realize that here in America, the last earthly resting place for some of the discarded is not in their parent’s arms, but on a transport truck along with other medical waste on its way to one of several incinerator plants on the East Coast.

Concern should also be focused locally on the autocratic atmosphere of the Garfield Human Services Commission, displeased as we imagine them to be with the commissioners’ decision. Untouchable as that commission has been, the commissioners might begin to hold them accountable to transparency issues that have not been addressed, even after a warning to them by the county’s attorney during a publicized meeting in the recent past.

It’s also an insult to intelligent thinking to say that no funding has gone to abortions. Like a drunk given money for food and promising not to spend it on booze, so we continue to deny the truth of the sick culture of Planned Parenthood and its supporters.

Betty Scranton

Cheyenne, Wyo.

I was sorry to hear a self-congratulatory, righteous tone creep into Ramona Talbott’s letter of Dec. 29 concerning county Planned Parenthood defunding. One ideology, as represented by the commissioners’ power of the purse, has trumped another. Morality and wisdom have prevailed, in some minds. The Republican “War on Women” continues.

That health care for the county’s women most in need is cut means nothing to the pandering commissioners. Prevention be damned. The outdated, adrift Republican Party of “affluent white elders” still controls Western Colorado, and control it they will.

Aside from health care, early pregnancy usually ends education and sentences a mother and baby to poverty. It takes two to tango as they say, but a woman with no choice, thereafter, is not an equal partner in this dance. This is not a local political issue as much as a universal women’s issue. I for one will continue to support Planned Parenthood with contributions.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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