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As a longtime resident of our community, I am becoming increasingly disheartened by the lack of consideration I have been exposed to while out and about in town. It seems that every time I go to a gas station, supermarket, coffee shop or other public place, I have the opportunity to bear witness to some patron acting or behaving in ways that, by my measurement, are considered at the very least rude, while other times absolutely atrocious.

No, I am not talking about the youth of our community, I am referring to fully grown adults, usually with their children present. They feel that it is somehow appropriate to treat servers, clerks, baristas and cashiers as if they are robotic, humanoid machines that have been placed on this planet to serve their every need without the slightest consideration that this person is, in fact, another human being.

Example: While waiting in line to purchase coffee at a local shop, a woman with her two small children in tow decided that it was acceptable to cut directly in front of me, and place her coffee order first, even though I had been standing there for several minutes already. Apparently, simple politeness is not her strong point.

And what about those who feel it is appropriate to berate and disrespect employees for something so ridiculous? It defies a logical explanation. News flash to these people: other people exist. I know this may be a difficult concept for some to comprehend, but the entirety of the world does not revolve around you.

So let’s all at least attempt to be kinder, more patient, and respect one another a little more. These simple actions may actually make the world a slightly better place for everyone, not just yourself.

Erica Griffith

Glenwood Springs

Why is departing Colorado Mountain College President Stan Jensen receiving a half-million-dollar golden parachute when resigning from his job after four years? This is in addition to his starting salary of $185,000 a year.

We don’t know because this action by the CMC Trustees (can they really be trusted?) comes after closed-door meetings, a confidentiality agreement and a stipulation that the press can’t ask questions.

The trustees assure us that this $500,000 wasn’t taken from the school’s operating funds. So what. It is still a lot of money entrusted to the trustees by students and taxpayers.

I’m thinking how many scholarships that money could provide for students and struggling parents, as well as other worthwhile uses.

I am mystified by this continuing tendency by various boards and directors to provide huge amounts of money to institutional presidents and CEOs and other obviously preferential big shots to get rid of them. Why do they do that? I don’t know, but I do know that it isn’t fair, right, or even a reflection of a healthy society.

I would sure like to dump the decision-makers who do that. Call it a nonviolent rebellion.

Kenneth Q. McCracken


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