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First of all, I am really happy that the Garfield County commissioners cut the funding to Planned Parenthood. This money is better spent with county organizations that really care about female and family health, such as Advocate Safehouse or the Pregnancy Center.

It would only take 100 people donating $50 each to make up the funding for Planned Parenthood.

Secondly, there are all these claims about Planned Parenthood and the health tests that are performed there, such as STD, Pap tests, etc. I wonder if the tests are done there, or are the patients given referrals elsewhere to have the work done and Planned Parenthood collects its fee? I know in Indiana they found that no mammograms nor Pap tests were being done in Planned Parenthood facilities. All Planned Parenthood was doing was giving out referrals.

Sharon Brenner

Buena Vista

Thank you for including in the Jan. 4 issue the story on page A13 titled “DeGette introduces bill to ban large magazines.” I was moved to write to my congressional representatives, the president and Rep. DeGette.

In my letter, I asked for their support for legislation being introduced by U.S. Reps. Diana DeGette and Carolyn McCarthy that will ban large-capacity ammunition magazines in an effort to prevent murders.

I work for the Roaring Fork School District, where we of course practice lockdowns. We – as a school district, as a community and as a nation – are learning that school shootings must be expected. But we must not adapt to school shootings. We must prevent them by removing the primary means: large capacity magazines.

Our members of Congress have the power to prevent tragedy.

I ask them to support to the very sane legislation being introduced by Reps. DeGette and McCarthy.

I would be happy to assist any community members in writing letters as well.

Ruth Lubchenco Trowbridge

Glenwood Springs

U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton isn’t being very representative these days. He doesn’t seem to understand that people are tired of a government that doesn’t function. By voting against the bill to avert the fiscal cliff, he indicated that he was willing to let the economy spiral into a recession again and send more workers to the unemployment lines.

It’s fine for him to say we need to get spending under control. The American public agrees with that. It’s not fine to hold the government hostage to his point of view.

The Republican House should pass a bill showing how they would cut the federal budget. That would be a productive way to start the dialogue. They should not threaten to shut down the government when the debt limit comes up, since it is Congress that actually created that debt.

As the voting public, we need to pay closer attention to the way Scott Tipton is representing us. We want a government that works, not just his displays of brinksmanship to please an extreme minority.

Peter Westcott


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