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My fellow Glenwoodians, currently we have a democratic government “of the people, by the people and for the people.” However, if the majority of citizens vote to “change” the face of our government to a Marxist socialist rule it will read, “of the government, by the government, and for the government.” How does that sound to you? If that’s the change you think you really want, go for it! Just be prepared for the consequences (changes) that will follow. If possible, try dealing with facts and not emotions. For example, capital gains taxes (home equity) will go from 0 percent for homes up to $500,000, to 28 percent. Income taxes will rise significantly at all levels above $30,000. Inheritance taxes, currently 0 percent, will be restored. Taxes on gasoline, home heating products, water, electricity and retirement accounts will all be instituted. Oh, and don’t forget the new taxes to support socialized health care. Are these the changes you desire and can afford? Just imagine what your paycheck is going to reflect at the end of the week.Did you ever stop and think about this campaign change theme frenzy? Obama has changed his platform on Jerusalem, immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq, unconditional meetings with the dictators of Jordan, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela, public finance, NAFTA, FISA, even the wearing of his lapel flag pin, not to mention his voting against the successful troop surge in Iraq and off-shore drilling for oil. On May 24, 2007, he voted against funding the Afghan war and now wants to send in an additional 10,000 troops.Are these the qualities of a leader? Is this who you want to be your commander and chief? A guy that changes his mind depending on which way the political wind blows. I don’t think so.Stan RacheskyGlenwood Springs

I grew up in Rifle and enjoyed all of the things that a small town gives you: support, a great education, sports and friendships that will last forever. I now live in Missouri, and recently visited Rifle for my niece’s wedding, and I ran into one of my old high school coaches, Mike Samson. He told me he was running for county commissioner, and I told him I would write a letter to the editor to give my support to him. (Coach) Samson is someone that cares about the community and cares about the direction that it is going. He has been a coach to many young men and women throughout his many years of service as a coach and teacher and now as an administrator. He has helped mold and shape many lives along the way and in my opinion can do the same as the commissioner.He will care what happens in the community.Please vote for (Coach) Mike Samson.Bobby ChickRocheport, Mo.

On Tuesday the 22nd, I lost my temper for the first time in a long while. First, I want to apologize to Jesus the King of Kings, and to the people who wouldn’t stop to help. I am sorry I screamed bad words when I was at Highway 82 and County Road 154. There was a truck broken down, and when I pulled up there was a lady already trying to push the truck by herself. I realized we needed help to push the truck to the side of the road. I tried to wave down someone to help. A woman stopped. As for the men, they must have been racing to a fire. That’s when I lost it, bad words flowed like running water.The lady who did stop gave the mother, child, grandma and little dog some ice to eat. So I say again I am sorry.J.D. TigertGlenwood Springs

I fail to understand Jan Girardot’s liberal rant about Sheriff Vallario’s letter. I read his letter and did not feel I was being insulted or chastised as a petulant child. As a law enforcement officer he has sworn to uphold the laws of our country and the Constitution. He has also sworn to protect and serve his constituency. That includes all of us. I don’t recall any part of the oath that states he does not have the right to self expression and freedom of speech to voice his alternative views to malicious accusations. In reference to metal detectors in the court house, where do you think we live, Mayberry? As far as the “tactical armored security vehicle,” I guess the county commissioners have a more realistic assessment of crime in our county than some others. Might I remind you of the two officers who were recently shot in Garfield County while on duty? Oh – nice analogy with Watts in L.A. Your P.C. friends just choked on their granola! Thank you for your time.Respectfully,Thomas AshworthRifle

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