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A friend of mine asked me the other day, “How do you feel about the new proposed gun laws?” I told him this:

Why is it that when a madman goes out, kills his mother, steals her legally obtained firearms and commits a heinous crime, this administration feels it necessary to punish law abiding citizens? The administration is doing this by possibly taking away a pastime that millions of Americans do legally in a controlled, safe environment.

We didn’t kill anyone. Millions of semiautomatic military-style firearms are in law-abiding hands with even more millions of large capacity magazines. I do not read about millions of citizens randomly killing indiscriminately.

Adam Lanza committed the horrifying act, not me, not millions of legal gun owners and sport shooters. All I do is put small holes in pieces of paper. All we do is enjoy a pastime with types of firearms that a lot of us used and enjoyed in the service doing our duty.

So now I ask, why do I have to pay for his crime? Why do we have them tell us what we can or can’t own? Why are they restricting our legal rights that my fellow servicemen died to protect? Who is this government punishing? Not him.

What Lanza did has nothing to do with guns. This is a social problem that no one wants to seriously address. Social problems are hard, blaming guns is easy.

Stop punishing innocent people who have done nothing wrong, and get the people who need it some solid help and seriously prevent those atrocities from happening again.

If that murdered mother, who was a legal gun owner and sport shooter herself, had been able to get her son the help she was fighting for, could all of this been prevented?

Mark my words, these acts are going to continue after those proposed gun control laws are enacted. Until the root causes are addressed, anything else we do will prevent nothing.

Zell Zordel

New Castle

This is in reference to the letter from Gary Parks published Jan. 17. I totally agree with Mr. Parks.

I might add that with the rising cost of living, fewer jobs, high rent or mortgage payments, rising utility bills, gasoline, health care, taxes, etc., increasing water and sewer rates just adds to the already large financial woes of most families and our seniors who are on fixed incomes.

To make matters worse, we are buying drinking water because the water is so distasteful.

Many residents of Rifle have actually quit watering lawns because they can no longer afford the high cost of water. Driving around the community in the summer you will notice many brown lawns. Higher water and sewer rates, along with the many other cost of living increases, are eventually going to force people to relocate.

Downsizing the projected treatment facility and decreasing the rates would be an intelligent move on the city of Rifle. Will they?

Shirley Cooley


I need some help that I am sure can be provided by local NRA members. I want to join a militia and purchase the appropriate firearms needed to be an effective member of the militia. Firearms appear to be no problem. There are even ads in this newspaper for what I perceive to be the proper weapons. But I’m getting nowhere on finding a militia.

I thought first that this would be something organized at the state level because of the wording of the Constitution: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, …” But no one in Colorado’s state government thought that a state militia exists. So now I am asking for help.

I really need to join a militia so that I can receive the proper training to fight the despots that will try to take away our freedoms. I’ve had a small amount of training in ROTC, but that was mainly how to march and take care of a uniform. I’m familiar with guns, having been an avid hunter when young and having learned to field breakdown a Garand in the aforementioned ROTC. But all of this seems woefully inadequate to meet today’s challenges presented by modern weapons.

I know that I am quite old for strenuous combat, but I can be useful. When the younger and more fit in our militia are doing the hard work of combating the tanks, thwarting the F1 fighters, bringing down the Blackhawk helicopters and enduring the barrage of Cruise missiles, we older members can keep supply routes open, prevent the retaking of gained ground and fill occasional gaps in our lines.

If the British try to retake the colonies, we shall stop them. If the federal government tries to take away our freedoms, we shall stop them.

I just need to know how to join a militia. I’m sure there are other patriots like me who want to join, so please send a letter to this newspaper to help us do that.

Gerry Terwilliger


This letter is written to the Garfield County commissioners and the mayors and trustees of our local governments, who may be confused about the difference between marijuana and hemp and who do not fully grasp the significant economic development and livable wage jobs creation opportunities that industrial hemp offers to the citizens of Garfield County.

With the November passage of Amendment 64, the voters of Colorado amended Article 18 of the Colorado Constitution to de-criminalize marijuana and establish statewide excise tax revenues on the sale of cannabis, and to allow for the statewide cultivation and commercialization of industrial hemp. The amendment declares that industrial hemp must be regulated separately from marijuana, and requires the Colorado General Assembly to “enact legislation governing the cultivation, processing, and the sale of industrial hemp.”

Accordingly, a value-added agriculture economy may be defined as:

1. The science, art or practice of cultivating the soil with seed and harvesting the resulting crops (raw materials).

2. The manipulation of the harvested crops, by capital and labor, into value-added products.

3. The marketing and transportation of the resulting value added products into the marketplace of commerce.

Wealth is created when capital and labor combine to add value to the harvested crops, and that wealth is the engine of the value-added agriculture economy.

For instance, hemp fibers are excellent sources for paper such as newsprint. A Garfield County farmer plants hemp seed and 110 days later harvests the 10-foot-tall hemp plants and then transports the fiber to a locally owned paper mill, where the hemp fiber is manipulated, by capital and local labor, into value-added industrial newsprint, and that newsprint is then sold to Colorado newspapers. Thus the advertisers of the newspapers are the actual buyers of the farmer’s hemp and actually pay the wages of the local county laborers.

That said, as Amendment 64 becomes part of Colorado commerce, please don’t lump hemp together with marijuana. The best analogy I can give is the “Parable of the Wheat and the Tares.” The wheat is the hemp and the tares are marijuana.

Carl Mc Williams


I can’t seem to get a grasp on the thinking of those individuals who re-elected our current president. We as U.S. taxpayers have just given to one of President Obama’s hair-brained schemes $4 billion to foreign firms for green energy projects. None of this money created one job here and is labeled a failure.

If Obama is so concerned about children, as we witness in his photo ops with children, in an attempt to affect the Second Amendment, what about the debt problem he’s putting on our kids and grandchildren?

Unemployment after four years of Obama has steadily risen. Currently it’s at 7.8 percent. We all know this figure is way low.

In 2009, 32 million were on food stamps and 13 percent lived in poverty. Currently 48 million are on food stamps and 15 percent live in poverty. In 2009, it was predicted Social Security would go broke in 2041. Now it’s forecast for 2037 and dropping.

In 2009 the national debt was $10.6 trillion ($35,000 per person). Now it’s $16.4 trillion ($52,000 per person).

In 2009 the public debt was 40.8 percent of GDP, now it’s 72.8 percent and projected to reach 76.1 percent this year.

In 2009, the medium household income was $51,190. Now it’s $50,054 and dropping. Are you having trouble making ends meet?

The U.S. economy is extremely sluggish, growing at a rate of only 0.4 percent a year, when 2.6 to 3.5 percent per year is normal. Home values have dropped 33 to 50 percent. This statistic hurts.

Obama says the federal government has a revenue problem, not a spending problem. In 2008, revenues were $2.5 trillion and spending $2.9 trillion. Now revenues are $2.9 trillion but spending has jumped to $3.6 trillion.

Let’s get real. We’re going bankrupt. Based on his track record, would you hire this guy to run – or ruin – your company? I am looking forward to hearing from other readers about why they re-elected President Obama.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

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