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Here’s a warning to anyone considering a trip to the Valley View Hospital emergency room. Consider your decision carefully. I was experiencing some neck pain and, without thinking my decision completely through, I figured a quick trip through the ER wouldn’t be too big a deal.

Man, was I in for a big surprise! I got a couple of X-rays, a 10-minute visit with the on-call doctor, a couple of prescriptions, and out the door I went. I just got my bill today, $1,742.

What’s going on here? Is this the new normal for a short ER visit? Am I paying this much because I am one of those that can pay for a visit to the ER?

I didn’t expect the service to be free for sure, but $1,742? My guess is Valley View thinks it’s perfectly normal to charge this amount for the service it rendered. I can’t see it, and I think it’s out of line for the amount of time my visit took. I can only assume that the hospital is counting on my ability to pay, knowing full well that there will be others who won’t, not that they can’t, but they won’t pay.

I can promise this, it isn’t going to take much longer for our health care system to completely implode upon itself if hospitals are having to rely on only those capable and willing to pay while others skate and pass the buck. I’m not sure how many more visits I can afford. Based on the facility I was in, I guess the money’s coming from somewhere. In the room next to me I swear I heard that machine that goes, “ping,” or was it “ka-ching” I heard?

George Blocker

Glenwood Springs

A metal device tells itself to load, point and pull its own trigger. So our wise leaders will ban the metal devices, their scapegoat, just as they believe throwing more money at education will boost student achievement. This logic could be used to place a ban on automobiles instead of targeting the drunk driver.

The liberals are looking for an easier scapegoat than to address the root cause of a problem. Just a point of interest is the statistic that shows Israel, in a 10-year period, losing only eight children to violence, as Israel allows teachers to have weapons. Contrast that to the gun-free school zones in the U.S., where 323 schoolchildren have died.

More than 84 million responsible gun owners in America killed no one yesterday. Our press overlooks the stories of guns saving lives. Notice, too, how our mainstream media ignores the most basic reason of all for our Second Amendment, for our own protection against a too powerful government gone corrupt and evil.

Look at history and all over the world. Our Constitution has given us more freedom and inherent rights. Young people, in particular need to chew that one over and take remedial history.

Now, as to the core issues behind violence, we have a cultural slide away from traditional values and morality. We coddle criminals, and young people are glued to violence from movies, television and video games. Christianity is under attack. Because it is a sick society and sick people behind the killings, we find the scapegoat. Human behavior issues are not as easy to fix. There is evil in this world, contrary to far left thinking. Gun control will not legislate that away.

Carol Abbott


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