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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have moved away from from Garfield County after nearly 20 years. First Colorado approves doping, and proof of its effects show up in the fact that now the dopers have made Sherry Caloia their district attorney. In her wisdom of being a civil attorney, not criminal, she immediately starts reducing felony charges to misdemeanors.

I am sure all the women who have been beaten by their boyfriends or husbands are truly grateful for her soft “I’m sure he didn’t mean to make you that black and blue” approach on criminals. I cannot think of a worse choice for district attorney.

I wish the residents of Garfield County good luck as your crime rate rises, which happens when criminals know they won’t be punished.

But what the heck, just smoke another doobie. I’ll be saying lots of prayers for my friends in Garfield County.

Mark Janda

Keizer, Ore.

I am one of the owners of The Biker and The Witch in downtown Glenwood Springs and live in the city. A lady with the Citizens to Save Grand Avenue came into my business on Jan. 30 to enlighten me on the Colorado Department of Transportation plan for Grand Avenue that the city council wants to approve.

I was shocked to hear the real plan. This plan will not solve any problems. It’s only going to hurt, not only downtown but all of Glenwood.

As a business owner, I saw how this plan will hurt my business. It will not be convenient for my customers to park. Walking customers had better be on my side of the street or they will not be able to cross the street to come and shop in my store.

Plus, who will want to walk down a street where the cars are speeding by at 45 miles per hour? What tourist will want to shop downtown then? If I am unable to pay my rent I will have to shut down my business.

And I’m sure I won’t be alone in the decline of sales. If business owners cannot afford to have businesses downtown, then downtown will die. Property values will go down with a bunch of empty businesses. Then it will affect the value of residential property. The negative effects go on and on.

I strongly oppose the plan for Grand Avenue. As a community we need to come together and tell the city council that this is not right for Glenwood Springs. The citizens are the ones who decide what is best for Glenwood Springs, not CDOT, and they need to listen to us.

Kristin West

Glenwood Springs

It is hard to pass by the new Jimmy John’s in downtown Glenwood and miss it. With its fresh “free smells” and awesome “un-wiches,” the new deli is a great new addition to the town.

However, there is one point that must be made. They won’t deliver to West Glenwood. I don’t know how they can justify the distance of their delivery just in the confines of downtown Glenwood Springs. Surely the price of gas isn’t that bad, and they charge for delivery anyway.

I, myself, would be more than happy to pay for delivery to West Glenwood, and I’m sure a lot more people would, too. Please fix this so we West Glenwood-ites can enjoy tasty sandwiches at a not-so-decent hour.

Amanda Armijo

Glenwood Springs

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