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I must respond to City Councilman Steve Bershenyi’s Feb. 1 letter where he unfairly smears the Hot Springs Pool as being “absolute in their conviction that a Highway 82 bypass would be the death knell of their existence.” He informs the Post’s readers that the fear of moving traffic off of Grand Avenue has been 60 years in the making. His reference to this 60-year-old fester more than likely was found in a notice placed in the April 27, 1950, Glenwood Post.In this ad of 63 years ago, 70 merchants, property owners, councilmen, the city clerk and a county commissioner expressed their fear that should a proposed 1950s bridge replacement not be located to serve Grand Avenue their business and property would greatly suffer. (The ad concluded with, “phone 274” a 21st century 3-digit phone number to some.)A small ocean of water has passed our town over these many years and along with it, times and attitudes have changed. On Dec. 6, 1973, council designated Midland Avenue as the route for the bypass, but to no avail since this route was never protected. Over the next 39 years, 13 studies were published, an average of one every three years.For nearly a quarter century, the Pool’s directors were concerned that subsequent councils never had the courage to hog-tie this problem by firmly designating a bypass. In 1997, nearly 16 years ago, the pool’s frustration grew to the point that it commissioned and paid for a study by Bragdon & Associates Inc. It’s interesting that Bragdon’s solution and a previous 1983 report of 14 years earlier by a 22-member Glenwood Springs Citizen’s Advisory Board chaired by Stan Dodson (a former Colorado Department of Highways commissioner) were very comparable. Both reports recommended a new I-70 interchange to be located on land downriver from CDOT’s shop west of Two Rivers Park then to a new bridge crossing the Colorado River. There have been half a dozen studies since the pool’s Bragdon report, yet this dead albatross still hangs around all our necks.Councilman Bershenyi’s portrait of the pool’s “oft-repeated mantra” of “no” absolutely does not square with the unvarnished truth of history’s journey.Floyd DiemozGlenwood Springs

Perhaps the page ad to “Occupy Grand Avenue” on Jan. 23 wanted us to go back to the past – or perhaps it was to remind us that Glenwood is a community with roots that go deep and a statement that our community is more important than concrete and steel. Perhaps noting that there are the “unrepresented many” is an attack, but maybe it only states that many do not feel included in the discussions regarding the bridge, access plan and alternate/bypass route and that communication regarding these critical issues has not been forthcoming and inclusive. Mr. Durrett has a business interest. So he should not have a voice? Really? That he might be impacted is a reason to voice concerns because we all have business and personal concerns in Glenwood. Those are reasons to speak, not be silent. We live here. We all have a voice here. Perhaps this issue is 60 years in the making. So? Let’s invest a couple more years to create a win/win solution for all. This crossroads has appeared and along with it political will and passionate citizenry. How is that a bad thing?The Glenwood transportation issue is bigger than a bridge. Differing perspectives aren’t saying no but instead saying “Whoa. Let’s plan out the whole solution.”First, the EIS to identify the alternative route/bypass with the agreement that we will accept the results and begin building this route. Let this study also identify the new bridge. This new route allows us to navigate Glenwood during construction. Gone is the access plan that bisects town and unnecessarily complicates local traffic, because Highway 82 will be off Grand Avenue as it should have always been. The siren song of immediate money is tempting, but a path that further divides the community instead of bringing it together in consensus is madness. This is a fantastic opportunity for dialogue and win/win problem solving and for a legacy that will breathe long-term life into Glenwood Springs. People are shouting out that they want to be involved. Celebrate that and listen.Cheryl CainGlenwood Springs

This is just a short note to let you know that I love reading the Post Independent online. I live in Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom, and check out the paper every day to see what is going on in Glenwood Springs area. Although I have yet to visit America, Glenwood Springs will be one of the places that I will visit when I venture over the pond this summer. Please keep up the good work you do. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s edition.Bill AndersonInverness, Scotland

I would like to add some background to the Post Independent’s Feb. 1 article, “Senate immigrant student tuition bill endorsed by CMC board.”Last year, President Stephen Jordan of Metro State College of Denver got with Metro’s board of directors and legal advisors and hammered out a way to offer tuition lower than the out-of-state rate to undocumented students who are, nonetheless, Coloradans. Metro State painstakingly worked it out so there was no way a right-winger could find a single penny of taxpayer money that goes to support such students.With this action, Metro State college revealed the lack of leadership, vision and morality in our state and national government, and humiliated every other college in the state, none of whom had the moral courage to take this action in the face of right-wing hysteria.The legal system in the U.S. is designed specifically to declare such demands from the population “unconstitutional” if they don’t coincide with the wishes of the capital. Predictably, the Colorado Supreme Court attempted to intimidate Metro State into abandoning this move. Dr. Jordan and the Metro State board were not intimidated and stood strong.So now, here we are the following year and the Colorado Legislature and all of higher education in Colorado is jumping on the bandwagon after it is already built.Incidentally, the misrepresentation or omission of these details so crucial for understanding what actually happened by all standard media outlets is a great teaching moment. This is exactly the kind of subtle way in which we Americans are habitually misled and kept in the dark about the true nature of reality. Misleading narratives like this are how we get the impression that our government didn’t fight tooth and nail against the end of racial discrimination, but actually supported it, etc. Reporters don’t consciously frame their narratives in this sinister way, but instead have long before internalized the perspective necessary to please media owners and keep their jobs. The Post Independent hasn’t been “independent” in a long time, and I suspect the prior editor, Jon Klusmire, might have reported this story differently.Paul EdwardsGlenwood Springs

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