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Councilman Steve Bershenyi wrote a letter published in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent on Feb. 1. His statement is incorrect: that Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge & Pool “were absolute in their conviction that a Highway 82 bypass would be the death knell of their very existence.” The Pool would stand corrected if Mr. Bershenyi can offer evidence to the contrary. The Pool commends Mr. Bershenyi for his time and effort to serve on City Council. It is important to emphasize our board of directors has been committed, for well over 20 years, to a bypass and expressed these same wishes to the city. Glenwood Hot Springs wants traffic off Grand Avenue for the benefit of our tourists. We think a vibrant, pedestrian friendly and congestion-free downtown enhances the guest experience (as well as for its citizens).For many years the Pool began to realize our downtown was suffering from congestion and sought ways to enhance downtown. Little was happening to address this problem. That is why the Pool commissioned a study called the Bragdon Report in 1997. It proposed an alternate route through town. We provided the report to the City Council at the time. We also went public with our position. The report joined the double-digit number of studies on this topic. If anyone would like the 1997 Bragdon Report, call our business office at 947-2954 and you will be provided a copy.We believe Mr. Bershenyi is correct stating little has been done; and the trucks continue to rumble down the center of our community. His letter states “this is not City Council’s issue to solve or decide alone.” Despite his plea for the citizens to “rise to the challenge,” many of us have been waiting for numerous Glenwood Springs city councils to rise to this critical challenge.Kjell Mitchell, CEO & presidentGlenwood Hot SpringsGlenwood Springs

After all these years in the newspaper business I now realize that the second amendment has a typo in it. The original version promised the right to “bare arms.” Please notify Mr. Talbott and then take away his assault rifles.Steve SkinnerCarbondale

I actually saw a person today in a Range Rover who was not on their cell phone and was going slower than 25 mph!Carl Heck Aspen

The Post Independent on Feb. 5 contains an article about driverless cars, which raised a question in my mind. If one has an accident, will the law enforcement officers check the alcohol content of the cooling system or will they be able to just check the exhaust? Jack E. BlankenshipBattlement Mesa

To the Post Independent management and its advertisers, I say enough. It’s Ross Talbott or me. As long as you patronize him with editorial space for his ill-considered, poisonous screeds, you will not earn my readership. Enough.Frank MartinGlenwood Springs

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