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Rural America has for years voted overwhelmingly Republican, but it needs to be noted that the “poison pill” which is crippling the Postal Service, particularly in rural areas, as well as in its overall ability to be self-sustaining was congressionally enacted into its operations by the Republican Party. Everyone’s representative in Congress needs to be reminded that they have the power to correct this.

Robert Porath


Once again, during my morning commute I was entertained and insulted by Mr. Talbott’s rant. Today he tried to draw some correlation between Islamists, Democrats, liberals, progressives and recent mass murderers. He wants us to consider that these acts are caused by non-Christian Democratic liberal progressives. He says “Maybe we are after the wrong bunch.” What bunch are you after Mr. Talbott?

Usually Mr. Talbott adds an irrelevant Bible passage at the end of his columns to remind us of his conservative Christian status. The ironic thing is Jesus was a liberal, homeless, progressive, dark-skinned, socialistic, pacifistic Jewish community organizer. I cannot comprehend how conservatives believe he would want guns in schools or that there is something wrong with a single principal laying their life down to save others. Mr. Talbott, the overall tone of your columns is an attempt to justify your hatred and insecurities and blame those who are not like you. When was it that you ever demonstrated inclusion and tolerance?

Can we judge all Christians by the public acts of a few? Does the Westboro Baptist Church speak for all Christians? Are all Christians closeted homosexual meth heads like Ted Haggard and Larry Craig? Name me a televangelist that isn’t a crook. Let us not forget Christian terrorists/mass murderers like Tim McVeigh, Eric Rudolph or the Ku Klux Klan. A reasonable person does not group all Christians with these criminals, neither should a reasonable person group all liberal progressives with mass murderers. There is nothing wrong with being a liberal or a progressive or even a socialist like our founding fathers and Jesus. I challenge you, Mr. Talbott, to write your next column about something positive about those who are different than you or of a different point of view.

Dan Bokenko

Glenwood Springs

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