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I read with great interest the newspaper articles and letters concerning the Grand Avenue Bridge project being promoted by the City Council and CDOT. I do not dispute the need for a new bridge; however, when the Jan. 21 article was published about all of the access control plans clear through town, it hit me that this is the bypass CDOT has been hoping for all along. This will become the nightmare that everyone talked about when Midland Avenue was proposed as a bypass.

Because this is being decided by the city (which proposed back-in parking) and CDOT, this is the only way I can express my concerns. I own a business and property in the city but do not live within city limits so I have no power with my vote. This access plan will divide the city and slowly force stores along Grand Avenue to move to a new location or go out of business.

Once the bridge and bypass through the center of Glenwood Springs is done, there will be no other need for a different bypass. Those of you who control the vote, please consider the impact on our town.

Ken Kriz

Glenwood Springs

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but they are not entitled to their own facts.”

It is a fact that the Glenwood City Council has not made any decisions about the access control plan for Grand Avenue/Highway 82. We have listened to presentations and have spent considerable time working to understand our options.

One option is to simply decide not to approve any access control plan, in which case access to Grand Avenue remains exactly as it is today. I don’t believe that is the best option for our town, but it is one that we have not dismissed.

It is also important to recognize that the issue of the Grand Avenue bridge is separate from the access control plan. I believe that, in the opinion of the council, CDOT controls the future of that structure and that we can serve our community best by working to make it the most favorable solution possible for our city.

I realize that is an opinion not a fact. I do try to keep them separate and realize that the possibility exists that we may be wrong. I wish that the vocal group expressing their contrary opinions on these matters would accord us the same courtesy. Civil discourse would also be nice.

Ted Edmonds

Glenwood Springs city councilor

Crazy people kill people: Ban them.

Racists kill people: Ban them.

Governments kill people: Ban them.

Drones kill people: Ban them.

Wars kill people: Ban them.

Gangs kill people: Ban them.

Pollution kills people: Ban it.

Cigarettes kill people: Ban them.

Bombs kill people: Ban them.

Drugs kill people: Ban them.

Water kills people: Ban it.

Preservatives in food kill people: Ban them.

Starvation kills people: Ban starvation.

Greed kills people: Ban greed.

The cold hard fact is we are all on this earth for a very short time. You would think we could figure out how to get along and help each other live and let live.

Wake up, people.

Roy Reed

New Castle

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