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Although I am sympathetic to the unfortunate loss of life through the illegal use of firearms, it is no less tragic than the loss of life due to illegal use of vehicles. The mere thought of certain forms of gun control borders on the similar thought that vehicles should be regulated similarly.

Better background checks, certain restrictions on bullet composition, even high capacity magazine restriction are only tools to make gun ownership safer … just as seat belts, air bags and better licensing have made cars safer.

I am all for making firearms use safer. But just as a vehicle (or bag of fertilizer, a propane cylinder or can of gasoline) can be in the hands of someone intent on causing death and destruction, guns are simply the mechanics that an unstable person utilizes to convey their skewed thoughts.

I do not force my views of gun ownership upon those on the other side of the fence by forcing them to own one, but I do support the cause to make ownership safer for all.

Ross Talbott’s columns are by far my favorite which the PI publishes. I do not always agree with the views presented, but Ross always attains the goal of his column: He makes you think. One should read his column, then process how that column is designed to make you verify your own thought process through reason, deduction and comparison.

Angry responses and demands for his being banned from being published are not why Ross writes, He writes so you will re-evaluate your own position by thinking through all of the issue, not just the part that angers you. If he makes you see a bigger picture, even if you don’t agree with his view, or it strengthens your position, then he has succeeded.

His comparison of autos and bicycles is only meant to highlight things many of us hold near and dear to our hearts and that banning them due to death-related incidents is viewed as incorrect, but for firearms is supposed to be OK.

Thanks, Ross!

Stuart Cerise

West Valley, Utah

I would like to say that Garfield, Pitkin and Rio Blanco counties are lucky to have Sherry Caloia as their district attorney.

No doubt that Mr. Mark Janda, who decided in a letter to the editor that DA Caloia was soft on crime, has probably had some history with DA Caloia that did not fare well for him.

Being the DA of any county in any state takes great courage and character. I have known Sherry for several years and from personal experience as a police officer in the valley, Sherry is not soft on crime, nor is she tough.

The difference between Sherry and her predecessor is she looks at each case and considers all of the circumstances. She looks at the entire picture and makes the decision in the interest of justice, not the interest of how many convictions she gets or what people like Mr. Janda will think of her.

Imagine going to work every day knowing every decision you make will affect so many people. Imagine knowing that and then doing it anyway.

I looked at the ballot and I don’t remember seeing “Mark Janda” on it. If you don’t have the guts to do the job then I certainly wouldn’t criticize those who do.

Congratulations, Sherry, and I, for one, am glad you’re on our side.

Chad Barnes

Kansas City

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