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In reply to several letters questioning Sheriff Vallario’s decision to purchase an armored vehicle and the need of such, having lived in Garfield County for 40 some years, I watched it grow from a sleepy agricultural area to a boom-and-bust cycle. As a former law enforcement officer in Garfield County and a 20-plus year firefighter, I can tell you that there have been many instances where a tactical vehicle would have provided an appropriate level of threat protection. Officers shot at, hostages held, murder, arson, threats, and at times multiple combinations of the above and more.Perhaps you are incensed not only at the cost of such a vehicle but the thought of having one. In your safe world you see no need for one, yet in the world of the officers of our communities and county, there is a real need and use. The brave men and women that have sworn to protect and serve, they that are willing to put their life on the line, daily at times, for you, deserve your respect and support. You are, apparently, sending them a clear message that their lives, families, hopes, dreams, desires and commitments are expendable. What a sad life you lead, to promote that within our citizens.I, too, hope that such a vehicle is never utilized. Wouldn’t that be grand! But in the large scheme of things, perhaps we should prepare for the worst. Isn’t that one reason why we have each of the emergency services (law enforcement, EMS, fire) at the local level, to protect and aid us in case of accident, disaster or threat from any source?Stuart CeriseWest Valley City, Utah

In the coming months when this election (one of the most important in history) draws nearer, it’s important, obviously, to study the candidates and their views and opinions. Also I believe it’s important to involve our Creator. Our Father in heaven has more knowledge than any one of us. He wants to bless us because he loves us. Prayer is a most important part of our life here on earth. He’s told us to pray always to him, and I think that on something as important as choosing our commander in chief, we should also offer our hearts in prayer to God. We cannot comprehend what God can. He knows who we should vote for. Now, some of you liberals who have tried to take God out of this great nation will probably find this offensive. Good. The right thing may not always be accepted by the public and goes against the grain most of the time. Some of you have already picked your candidate, and that’s fine. Those of you fence-sitters who have faith and belief that God answers prayers, I encourage you to prayerfully consider who you want to lead this country. We’ve tried to take God out of the schools and the courthouses and out of the pledge of allegiance and off of our money. Psalm 33:12: Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord … This nation was founded on the belief in God. Those “peasants” who defeated the redcoats knew that God was behind them and supported their cause for this free nation. God is mentioned several times in the Declaration of Independence. God was an important part of their lives and should be an important part in ours. We’ve turned our back on him, the foundation of this country, and once we realize that he is the reason this country was founded, then we’ll be blessed more then we already are.God blesses America!Jason WhitcombNew Castle

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