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These acts of lunacy that are tragic, heartbreaking, unthinkable deserve some action. If an airplane has a problem, it is investigated. If a toy causes harm to some children, it is investigated. Now we have some mentally sick people out there doing horrible things to other people and themselves.

Let’s look at some facts. Mental hospitals say they have somewhere around 90 percent of their beds empty. That means there are a lot of sick people and most of them are taking medications that the FDA’s Adverse Events Reporting system for drug side effects logged 12755 reports of psychiatric medications relating to violence. Among them were 359 homicides, 7,250 incidences of aggression, and 2,795 episodes of mania. There were also 9,310 suicides. Actually the damage is far greater, according to the FDA. Fewer than 10 percent of adverse reactions are reported. For a true picture you need to multiply these numbers by 10.

These are some of the prescription drugs used in murders and suicides: Trazodone, Topamax, Zoloft, Tegretol, Geoden, Cymbalta, Paxil, Buspar, Xanax, Prozac, Ambien, Valium, Celexa and more. Antidepressants and antipsychotics brought in $30 billion for big pharma, 48 million prescriptions for anti-anxiety, 60 million prescriptions for mind and behavior altering sleeping pills.

What about Congress? Why hasn’t there been a federal investigation into these horrendous catastrophes, which occur with disturbing regularity? At the very least, immediate public disclosure of the medication histories of the perpetrators of such atrocities should be required.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. What part of “shall not” don’t you understand? Please re-read the Constitution. It states things very clearly.

Very sincerely yours,

Charles Ryden

New Castle

I just read an interesting story on Gov. Hickenlooper.

He was testifying before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

He stated that the states, not the federal government, should lead in regulating natural gas production, and that Colorado is a national model on how to regulate natural gas extraction.

He said, “States are the laboratory of democracy, and we are focusing on how we create a rigorous set of regulations.” He finished up by saying he drank a glass of fracking fluid and it did not hurt him.

What would Matt Damon say to that? Maybe his friends in the United Arab Emirates did not tell him the truth.

My real question is why didn’t I read this in the Post Independent? Maybe I missed it or maybe it doesn’t meet their political agenda?

Joseph Ceremuga

New Castle

We can’t get along.

This is why our forefathers had the insight to write the Second Amendment, not for hunting but for protecting our freedom and families from crazy people. If we save one child because a law abiding teacher with a gun was able to thwart a crazy killer wouldn’t it be worth it? If it was one of my granddaughters I would be indebted.

Government, war: How many innocent children have been killed in the Iraq war? Nobody wants to talk about that. When our forefathers wrote the Second Amendment the government had muskets. We have been killing each other since the cave man with rocks, then a club, a knife, bow and arrow, muskets, revolvers, lever action rifles, cannons, not good enough so we have to kill more at once with atomic bombs, biological bombs. I think our forefathers today would have all of us armed not only with assault rifles but with an antiaircraft 50 caliber in our yards to protect ourselves from tyrannical greedy governments.

Gangs: Google gang violence in Mexico, it is gut-wrenching. This is what you get when the government disarms its citizens: They become victims. No wonder they want to come here; I would, too. Mass graves 50, 30 people per grave, beheaded bodies dropped in the streets, hung from bridges. Is this what we want for America? I, for one, do not.

Starvation: How many murderers do we have in our prison system for the rest of their lives? We should use capital punishment on these predators and send them a message we will not stand for it. No one wants to deal with this either. Instead we treat them better than our own elderly, disabled vets and children. They get free dental, medical, three meals a day and a warm place to sleep. There is something wrong with this, pull the switch and feed the starving people in our country. Greed runs the prison system and costs the taxpayer millions. Pass and enforce laws that will make a difference.

Wake up, people.

Roy Reed

New Castle

In the 19th century, many whole towns died when railroads bypassed them. Fifty years ago or so, small shops in downtown areas died when traffic was removed from “Main Street.”

The merchants in Glenwood Springs in the middle years of last century were aware of these trends and blocked efforts to build a bypass and divert traffic from Grand Avenue. They were successful in keeping commerce alive in downtown Glenwood Springs. Their decision was appropriate for their time.

Not being clairvoyant, they did not know that half a century later traffic volumes would have increased exponentially. They did not predict that the traffic flow that brought them business would eventually have the opposite effect and kill the very businesses they were trying to protect. That decision saved them then and is killing us now.

It is up to us today to make decisions for today’s reality. CDOT, residents of the Roaring Fork Valley and business owners of Glenwood recognize that traffic volumes are unacceptable now. Grand Avenue simply cannot handle 43,000 vehicles a day passing through the center of town, with the associated noise, pollution and ever-increasing heavy truck traffic. Some of Highway 82 traffic has to be relocated to another route. Members of Glenwood Springs City Council can certainly not deny that, and they need to stand up for businesses’ and residents’ use of our main street.

Logically and legally, an environmental impact statement is the next step in determining the best location for an additional route. There are more than 39 previously completed studies sitting on shelves in City Hall (each of which has been expensive to complete), but only the EIS can make the final determination.

Members of City Council, please listen to citizens’ concerns and put the current bridge replacement and Access Control Plan on hold. Request an environmental impact statement, and let the data produced by the process identify the best long-term solution. We don’t believe that a bigger bridge with restricted access and greater volume of faster moving traffic are the solution.

Sandy Boyd

Glenwood Springs

Sleeplessness in the dead of night can invite the most honest, unrepressed images of one’s life, both personally and in the world. Mine, the other night, were of a mob of people, mostly men, mostly white and mostly rich, ganging up on President Obama. By countering every move he makes and falsely painting a picture of him as not delivering anything on his end of negotiations, they are obviously determined to label him as a failure.

Is this class warfare? Or, heaven forbid, a virtual lynching? So it seemed to me in the dead of night. I’ve seen it before: intelligent, principled, morally solid individuals, trying to serve their country with conviction, being beaten down by those with lust for power and privilege, so covetous of their over-extended concept of freedom that they don’t care who they trample.

My faith is that every human being has the potential of being humane – respectful, kind, thoughtful and just, capable of love and caring for their neighbors on Earth. What keeps these values from being more widely manifest in our government, and our general way of life is a question that needs answering.

I’m not happy with everything that the president has done, but I recognized in his State of the Union address many proposals, especially those having to do with education, that are aimed at raising the quality of life for everyone in our country. I fervently wish that those who would defeat him in achieving his goals would step back and let him do the job the American people elected him to do.

Pat Girardot

Glenwood Springs

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