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Originally addressed “Dear Carbondale Trustees (with the exception of John Hoffmann)”:I would call you all big ducklings in a small pond, but that would be an insult to ducks everywhere. The proposal by Garfield County commissioners, CDOT and residents of Satank to connect Dolores Way with the traffic light at Village Road is sane and practical, (maybe that’s why you won’t approve it?) especially compared to the idea of a right turn only at Dolores and Highway 133.That intersection is a ticking time bomb as far as safety’s concerned. With the business traffic for Ajax Bike & Sport, American NationalBank, NAPA, The Paint Store, etc. and all the soccer moms coming and going twice a day, someone’s gonna lose more than an eye. Yet it’s not a priority for Carbondale, even though all those businesses are inside the town limits. Are you sure you’re not cutting off your nose to spite your Satank?We Satankians get the message loud and clear (even those of us who “only came to town about twice a year.” – Steve Earle). But this plan is sound; the land is already for sale and the light is already there. And there would be no need for traffic to cross the precious Rio Grande Trail except at the light where all the traffic on Highway 133 currently crosses it. Plus, I don’t imagine RFTA will be too happy when their brand new park-and-ride is in constant use as a U-turn for everyone trying to get to Dolores from the south, but we could ask the Carbondale representative/RFTA board member about that. She just so happens to be mother duck, i.e., the most outspoken opponent of the proposal. What a small pond it is.Jeannie PerrySatank

Here we are again, with a huge amount of media hype concerning gun control. I find it rather amusing how the politicians are so quick to judge the American public, concerning the use of firearms. All gun owners are currently being stereotyped as potential domestic terrorists and murderers. I, like so many other gun owners, find this type of behavior of our state and federal governments, to be, for lack of a better word, offensive at the very least.Truth be told, the recent mass shootings were of horrific proportions. However, as I have stated before, it wasn’t the guns’ fault. It was the person behind the trigger. To hear a politician say that a ban on high-capacity magazines for assault weapons will somehow reduce the risk of more victims being shot at one time, is quite naive and ignorant, to say the least. Any mentally disturbed individual, possessing the intent to inflict harm upon others through the use of a firearm, could easily reach their goal, using nothing more than perhaps a small caliber pistol or even a lever-action cowboy gun, with practice. I know that this sounds a bit harsh or even borderline crazy, but it’s the truth.I hope that state and federal governments alike, can somehow achieve their gun control goals to protect the people through other means, as opposed to what they are attempting now. I fear that if this country continues to let these self-proclaimed “gun control experts” in Washington continue down their current path, that eventually, they will be opening Pandora’s Box. If this happens, it will ultimately start a domino effect of sorts.All that it will take is the first time that a tax-paying, law-abiding, gun owner defends his/her own home from an unlawful and unconstitutional breach into their home to confiscate their firearms from a state or federal entity, and that gun owner exercises his or her constitutional rights and a state or federal official perishes in a gun fight. A civil war will ensue of epic proportions. The world economy will collapse.Game over.Dan SnyderRifle

The Roderick O’Connor Chronicles in Basalt (the Investigative Report) is a prime example of how the erudite frequently get jammed up by the troglodytes who resist civilized ways to improve their human capital.The refine shine. The cave dweller resists the civilization seller.Enuff said.Yours cordially,Emzy Veazy III Esq.Aspen

Now that the Democrats have passed new gun control laws that restrict all magazines to 15 rounds and no concealed carry on all college campuses we citizens feel much safer. We feel safer knowing that every loon and misfit can walk onto any Colorado college campus knowing not one trained concealed carry permit holder will prevent him from shooting freely. We know that he or she will not use a magazine holding more than 15 rounds because that would be against the law. Thank you, Democrats, for this warm and fuzzy feeling of safety you have given us.Now we all know that every criminal, gangster and mentally disturbed gun-carrying knucklehead is going to immediately turn those illegal magazines in to the authorities, right? We know that all concealed carry permit holders will disarm before entering a campus, right? As a concealed carry permit holder I will disarm before entering any restricted area as required by law. I have one question for all the pro-gun control people. How many students have been killed by criminal-background cleared and trained concealed-carry permit holders and how many by the others listed above? How many NRA members, gun club members or competitive shooters have been on the front page of the PI for a gun crime? The truth is many more victims are saved by these gun lovers than the Democrats and gun haters will admit. Google it and stop drinking the Kool-Aid the anti-gun Obama Democrats are handing out. By the way, Democrats, what happened to the guns you and your president sold to the Mexican drug lords that killed one of our Border Patrol agents? Still investigating, right? When these idiotic laws fail and another despicable mentally disturbed person kills, the Democrats will jump up and yell for more gun control. The law will do nothing but take away the rights of law-abiding citizens and place the power into the hands of criminals and the mentally disturbed. When another event takes place, stand up, Democrats, and pass the Kool-Aid. Norm ShrollGlenwood Springs

Dear Michelle Obama and VP Joe Biden, As millions of Americans suffer “this fat cat thievery they call ‘economic downturn,'” I’d like to thank you both for saving the taxpayer money by taking separate Air Force planes to your vacation here in Versailles. I’d also like to thank my crony capitalist, anti-union, war-profiteering billionaire neighbors for entertaining you Saturday night.But 25 bullet-proof black SUVs for the two “delegations” flown in by cargo planes to Peterson Air Force base outside Denver?Does each cargo plane really only carry three SUVs? Meanwhile, President “Never met a drone he didn’t like” Obama was escorted by duel F-16s to his golf vacation in Florida? LOL: The Queen of Denmark flies commercial, but you three can’t? I was lucky to get upgraded on United, trust me, it’s real nice. And why all the noisy planes two hours before the 7 a.m. normal Aspen airport opening on Friday? It woke us up here in the AABC. More importantly, why does your husband maintain a kill list? Habeas corpus, has served us well since the late 1700s here in America. In addition, why does your husband defend indefinite detention of Americans? What do I know? This: If the Chinese ever send drones over Sopris here in “guns and religion” Colorado to shoot at wedding parties of our people, we’ll all be Pakistanis, or Tunisians, or Egyptians. …History tends to repeat itself: tyranny vs. freedom. An ancient Athenian predicted that the tyranny that the first democracy imposed abroad would come back to haunt them at home. It did.Guys, please cease our endless wars on “terror.” Please bring our fellow Americans we have placed in harm’s way home. Back in the ’60s, America was represented by the Peace Corps instead of these Orwellian drones. Lee MulcahyAspen

Back in 1948 on a trip to Glenwood, our family wasn’t aware of the Hot Springs Pool. In those days corrugated steel panels blocked its view from the bridge. It was so nice to see that the bridge that replaced it a few years later not only respected the view, but also included a covered stairway descending to the grounds.The proposed new bridge sort of revisits obscuring Glenwood’s central feature in bypassing traffic around the Hot Springs Pool and delivering the load directly into town. From a common sense point of view, it seems to be the right solution in the wrong place: If business traffic were routed up a separate corridor, ordinary, or inner-city, traffic could lure leisurely traffic into town and its attractions. That being said, the plans are in the works, and a lot has been committed so far. So, it begs the question: What can be done or amended at this point? Athens, Madrid and Copenhagen are a few European cities that have been reclaimed with pedestrian malls. In those cases traffic went underground. Here, a serpentine bridge wends into town overhead. Suspending it further overhead it would meet the natural rise of Grand Avenue between the flood ditch and 13th. It would liken the whole of downtown similar to the situation beneath the present bridge, only more open. As a matter of fact, downtown could be protected from sun and snow extremes. It could be an indoor mall.Fred Stewart Grand Junction

Anyone with half a brain knows we need to get the traffic off Grand Avenue. We do not need any more studies or environmental impact statements – enough is enough. The bypass could have been partially funded by all the money that has been wasted on these studies. A new bridge is not going to help enhance the downtown business area or foot traffic. In all likelihood it will do more damage in the long run. I understand the city has purchased nearly all the land between the Roaring Fork and the old railroad grade, to be used for a bypass from 23rd street to Interstate 70. Let’s work on that. Then a shiny new bridge. The council keeps telling us we need to work together to solve this problem. It is nearly impossible to work with people that have a closed minds and make derogatory statements aimed at Mr. Durrett and the Hot Springs Pool. This to me, shows incredibly poor judgement and a lack of understanding about our community by some of our elected officials. Remember, you were elected to work for the citizens of Glenwood Springs, not CDOT.Just some thoughts from a lifelong resident of Glenwood Springs. Dennis Yost Glenwood Springs

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