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I have read many letters on how bad the oil and gas industry is.

I work in the industry and have for some time now. I grew up around oil and gas. My dad, an electrical engineer, helped build the Alaska Pipeline and many refineries around the world.

Over the years I have seen many great economic impacts the oil and gas industry has brought to many areas, and I have seen vast safety and environmental improvements by oil and gas companies.

But all I hear is how bad it all is. I bet most of you have cars, home computers, smart phones, cell phones, homes with electric or gas heat, televisions, clothes and food, fly on planes or use some form of public transportation.

Now let me take oil, natural gas, coal and any other fossil fuel out of the equation, meaning you can no longer use it or refine it. That means you can no longer have make-up, roads, air transportation, your creature comforts like televisions, smart phones, computers, cars, bicycles, trains, houses, buildings, schools for our children or food (yes, oil byproducts are used in lots of food products), you can’t have power to your houses – not even solar, electrical or wind power, you can’t use wood because you will no longer have a way to cut it down or chop it into firewood, you can’t use coal for nothing, no more clothing unless it is spun by hand on a loom …

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Yes, believe it or not, everything I have mentioned uses some sort of fossil fuel to either make it run or create it that includes all your solar panels, which take batteries, wind power windmills and, yes, even hydro energy uses fossil fuels.

But yet you have a problem with the oil and gas industry? You take fossil fuels away from everything we use and you might as well go back to the dawn of time, the days when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and you would be lying if you say you could survive just fine without this stuff. Man wouldn’t be able to survive without fossil fuels in this day and age.

Sean Berry


Like Joseph Ceremuga, I wish that the Post Independent had the budget to cover more news, but I accept that current newspaper economics don’t allow this. Fortunately, we can turn to local community access radio station KDNK to fill the gap. Through its collaboration with Rocky Mountain Community Radio, KDNK was able to air the complete story of Gov. Hickenlooper’s frack fluid drink.

Following his statement to Congress, the governor issued a clarification, stating that what he drank was actually “a new form of frack fluid based on food additives” that is not currently used commercially in the U.S. He went on to say, “This is not to imply that anyone would drink the frack fluid being used today.”

The beverage which Hickenlooper drank was Halliburton’s CleanStim, which is much more expensive than the carcinogenic cocktail currently used in Colorado. As long as natural gas prices remain low, fracking with CleanStim will not be economically feasible. All the more reason to leave the gas in the ground until its removal is economically feasible using more environmentally friendly processes. Why the rush to drill in the Thompson Divide?

If you want to hear more complete coverage of local and regional news, tune in to KDNK (88.1, 88.3 or 88.5 in this area) or If you like what you hear, become a KDNK member during their current membership drive.

Nancy Smith


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