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The 12 to 15 million illegal aliens hiding in this country will never be given a pathway to citizenship. Permission to stay legally – maybe – but the GOP is never going to allow the Dems to create a block of 15 million Democratic votes.

The Chicago shyster in the White House sold out American workers to win the last election.

By granting de facto amnesty through executive circumvention of Congress he bought victory at the expense of citizen workers.

Illegal immigration is an economic cancer. It allows the upvalley fatcats in Aspen to pay maids $2 per hour less than I earned doing the same work more than 30 years ago. Illegal aliens cost every worker in this valley $10-$20 per hour. Illegal aliens and their kids are the cause of our failing schools (see Glenwood Elementary).

Outside of military service, none of the illegal horde should be rewarded with precious U.S. citizenship for being sneaky.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


Talk about missing the point.

There is much furor in Glenwood Springs these days about traffic. An enthusiastic faction is opposing new traffic-flow designs and bridge reconstruction for Grand Avenue.

This well-intentioned, if imprecise, opposition claims that either or both projects would stop what boosters like to call a Highway 82 “bypass.”

The bypass notion is foolish, physically and fiscally impossible, and – most important – would not actually solve the problem that threatens the charm of our community.

Less traffic – that is the point.

The primary flaw of the bypass fetish is its mistaken assumption that another highway would make traffic magically disappear. Not true.

Any reduction in vehicle volume on Grand Avenue would be temporary. Unless we reduce overall traffic, Grand would refill within years, leaving us with two dusty, noisy, congested highways trisecting our town.

The only real path to a quieter, pedestrian-accessible downtown, pleasant neighborhoods, and a protected natural river corridor is to boldly push back on traffic itself.

A few initial ideas – some expensive, some not – some familiar, others more imaginative or at least new. None depend on – or are as destructive as – a by-pass:

• Retime Grand Avenue stoplights to match the posted 25 mph speed limit; vigorously enforce speed limits.

• Install medians, with trees and landscaping, to reduce perceived width, slowing traffic speed.

• Prohibit southbound semi-trucks, unless they are carrying full loads for delivery within the valley; relay partial loads in smaller, cleaner vehicles.

• Re-establish the valley rail line, with quiet, clean, electric-powered trains carrying passengers and the majority of local freight.

• Establish and vigorously enforce stricter muffler requirements.

• Establish secure job-site storage for commuting construction workers’ tools.

• Finally get serious about truly convenient, frequent, extensive and heavily promoted local bus service.

• Insist students attending school across town from home ride the school bus.

• Develop, promote and celebrate a culture of fewer car trips.

This is a creative community where ideas like these can be refined and made real in a revolutionary move against excessive traffic.

Save Grand Avenue? You bet, but really do it. Don’t just shift and replicate the traffic burden. Resist and reduce it.

Steve Smith

Glenwood Springs

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