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I hear Sarah Palin loved the movie “Lincoln” and commented after, “Wow, the ending, I sure never saw that coming!”

Carl Heck


The new season over at Glenwood’s Vaudeville Review is outstanding.

I have had the pleasure of going to a number of the productions, and this one measures up to their reputation and more. The first number of the evening is new and a stitch – “the babies” are hysterical – and they do a serious a capella number that is over-the-top wonderful.

Most of all, the cast treats you to their presence, personalities and fun.

If you haven’t been over – call and go – it is worth it and more.

Judy Wilson

Glenwood Springs

The gas companies’ business case for the Roan Plateau does not account for destruction of open spaces or turning wild places into industrial zones or restoring the land to wildness once the gas is extracted.

The business case does not take into account the current global warming with our current CO2 measurement at 393.84 ppm against a maximum target of 350 ppm.

The gas companies’ outlook is several years and with a potential 7 billion customers globally can pretty much sell what they extract, especially with all the liquefaction facilities being built; however, it doesn’t make a difference where the gas is burned since the chemistry is the same and we all share the same atmosphere.

The gas and oil industry has ads that claim that they provide a safe energy infrastructure for America. America is the leader in CO2 emissions per capita. This is not a safe energy infrastructure.

The federal government on the other hand should have an outlook of at least 100 years and is given the trust of the people to manage public lands for the entire population for future generations. I don’t think the federal government should participate in the destruction of our wild lands and contribute to global warming and the ultimate destruction of Colorado.

Global warming has had a profound impact on Colorado already. We have watched warmer winters accelerate the deforestation of Colorado through insect infestation. We have watched shorter winters and longer burn seasons and hotter and drier summers create cataclysmic wild fires.

Wildlife is changing habits to counteract the higher temperatures. Ranchers’ hay crops for their cattle have been reduced, rafters have shorter seasons for their businesses, and there is the possibility now of destroying our winter sports because of lack of snow and shorter seasons.

Colorado has seen many irresponsible mineral developments. Gas fracking dwarfs these past destructive attacks on the beauty of our wildlands and has a more ominous impact on the very nature of Colorado and global weather.

I expect my government to take the role of protecting its people. I expect real 100-year solutions.

Thomas E. Rutledge

Glenwood Springs

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