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If a guy is self-righteous enough to appoint himself “Master of the Universe,” it should be an embarrassment for him to start his reign with a ludicrous, uncalled-for statement that combines a “false assumption with an absurd insinuation.”

Gerald R. Terwilliger, you’ll probably never understand what it means to believe in God? Your reference to me as “God’s boss” is beyond offensive, it’s blasphemous and … it’s totally classless.

So, since you are obviously clueless, let me explain. Those of us using the expression God bless America are not issuing a command as your insipid accusation implies. We are merely expressing a prayer, an invocation asking His help for our nation, as we do in other devotions where we seek His blessings and His guidance.

Nothing, sir, supersedes God’s will.

I really don’t expect for you to understand, but under our freedom in this great country, you have every right to your beliefs and to express your ignorant views even as Master, but you really should be more mindful in using good taste and not overstepping your realm of knowledge.

Richard Doran


Barack Hussein Obama is not a messiah, but a very slick politician telling you exactly what you want to hear to gain your vote. He’s a chameleon that’s all over the map, an empty vessel reflecting very little experience.

From the time Obama was sworn in as a senator to the time he announced he was running for president, he logged in only 143 days of senate experience. That’s less than five months or only little more than one-half a woman’s pregnancy.

Obama is very clever. A part of his strategy is to criticize our society as it is by playing on the sympathies of vocal grievance groups and doomsday soothsayers. These groups and Obama strategists get the ear of the liberal press and bombard you with emotional fluff. You’ve been had.

I heard a statistic on the radio that said, “Forty percent of all Americans are stupid.”

Are we? Or just plain naïve. Think about this. How did the liberal press become so biased, leading you down the path to nowhere? Because they are all brainwashed in our left-wing universities.

Take away a free society’s incentives and replace them with Marxist socialism, and the results will be double-digit inflation and double-digit unemployment. Obama’s plan is to take away the hard-earned money from the productive and redistribute it to the unproductive. The harder you work, the less you have. Assuming you are still employed.

Heck, I’ve lived the American Dream. I’m entering the fall season of my life. I’ve served my country (USA) in the military, got myself a college education, raised my family, created a successful business, sold it and retired early. Life is good, achieved under our democratic form of government, the world’s best. Change it to Marxist socialism and all I can say is “Good luck.” You ain’t never going to make it, and neither will your kids.

Dwell on the facts, not your emotions. If you still think your life is going to be better with Obama as president, you are nothing but a mindless Kool-Aid drinker.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

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