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The proposed activities are very minor in scale and scope, and it’s not fair to let a small minority of people in the Carbondale and Aspen area “change the laws” because activities are proposed in an area somewhat proximal to their towns.

Local energy development that is done right and is regulated is much better for the environment than shifting the burden to other countries or areas where activities won’t be as regulated.

If we want to truly “think globally,” then doing things here and doing things responsibly is more appropriate than dumping our energy requirement on other areas. To counter arguments, agricultural activities account for less than 1 percent of the local economy in Garfield and Pitkin Counties, according to a BLM report.

Further, most ag is heavily subsidized by taxpayer-funded conservation easements or are owned by the well-off who don’t earn a fraction of their income off of weedy hay or small herds of cows. The majority of recreation income and jobs for the area are limited to the big Aspen resorts, miles from the proposed activities. The area proposed for natural gas exploration activities is more than 11⁄2 to 2 hours from Glenwood Springs.

Many people want to “save the planet,” but their own opulent lifestyle based on skiing, mountain biking, traveling, commuting everywhere and the a “do it all” lifestyle gives a well-deserved guilt complex.

The easy target of a gas project is a misguided way to feel they are doing something to “save the planet” while continuing their affluent lifestyle. This was highlighted by the CEO of Patagonia flying the corporate jet from California so they could attend public meetings protesting five or six natural gas pads – how absolutely hypocritical.

This example typifies the hypocritical nature of this issue and the group-think mentality.

Increased road use is the issue, the agencies should work with the gas companies to figure out the real issues, and not waste so much time and energy on scare tactics and hypocrisy.

This is a complicated issue that shouldn’t be resolved with scare tactics.

Robert Strong

Glenwood Springs

In finally disclosing many of the administration’s “sequester deceptions,” the press and various fact checkers seems adamant in applying varying numbers of “Pinocchios” relative to the severity of the alleged lie. For example, the false claim of capitol janitors receiving a pay cut earned “4 Pinocchios.”

In fairness to Pinocchio, I object strongly to this misuse of his name. He is actually the hero of a children’s novel, “The Adventures of Pinocchio,” by author Carlo Collodi, and as an animated puppet, is punished for each lie that he tells by undergoing further growth of his nose; but, he also gains wisdom through a series of misadventures that lead him to becoming a real human as reward for his good deeds.

It is not only unfair, but unjust and inappropriate to associate him with the blatant lies of the Obama administration. I wholeheartedly implore the media to cease this undue, disrespectful use of his name.

If the press needs to assign a code name to an “untruth” they should simply call like it is – an “Obama,” not a “Pinocchio,” and still assign numbers that represent the degree of misrepresentation such as “2 Obamas” or “3 Obamas,” etc.

“A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”

– John F. Kennedy

Let freedom ring and the truth ultimately prevail.

Richard Doran


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