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I just Read Mr. Meyers’ letter in which he quoted me and others from 2003.

I recall saying bad things about John Ashcroft. I still stand behind what I said. After all, what good has the Patriot Act accomplished?

Strange that Mr. Meyers would pull a bunch of quotes from 2003 to fill his letter. Has there not been anything printed relevant to his point in the last 10 years?

I was able to find my quote in the archives, but I wonder, how did Mr. Meyers find it? Does he keep a stack of old newspapers in his basement? Did he do a search on me specifically? I did a search on my name on the GSPI website and the date he quoted to find my words, but I cannot understand how he might have found my words from 2003 among all the other letters, articles, columns and op-ed pieces. To make things even weirder, my quote was not at all relevant to his point. Mr. Meyers’ letter really creeps me out.

To his point about liberals not being concerned about drones, he is mostly correct. There should be much more outrage from both sides. President Obama has a dismal record where personal liberties and privacy are concerned. And the left says little.

Neither does the right, though. The right is too busy screaming about socialism and birth certificates and creating manufactured crises like fiscal cliffs and Benghazi and destroying the post office to spend any time on real issues.

The left has spent too much time defending themselves from right wing attacks to do much while in power. I never thought I would say this, but flying killer government robots are now a legitimate concern. Liberals do know this, but do not have much of a voice. (The liberal media is just a myth.) Nothing is said on the mainstream media because most media is owned by defense contractors and defense contractors are the ones who build drones and the ones who will make a fortune flying those around America as Iraq winds down.

Dan Bokenko

Glenwood Springs

Mark Callaway of Carbondale writes that we should trust California senator and Aspen regular Diane Feinstein with our Second Amendment rights. The point Mark made about General Dynamics’ cruise missiles is valid.

However the government has gotten so big that we’re opening drone bases in North Africa terrorizing their citizens in countries we’re not at war with. Did you vote for that?

Eisenhower warned us about this.

#STANDwithRAND lit up the net when the junior senator from Kentucky questioned if our imperial King Obama has the right to kill an American with a drone in the U.S. without a trial.

LOL: Our fraud of an attorney general said no, not within the U.S., unless he/she was “engaged in combat.” Why not just the U.S.? Habeas corpus?

So Mark, you trust limousine liberal Diane Feinstein, one of the Senate’s richest plutocrats with our constitutional rights? She has been accused of ethics violations for shoveling millions in government contracts to her husband’s former military industrial complex companies. She’s a politician, like senators McCain and Graham, who serve the god of money, not their country.

Lee Mulcahy


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