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Hello everyone,

Let me talk today about why I believe that I am most qualified to continue to serve as your councilor-at-large.

Hard work. I have been working diligently during the last four years to educate myself about municipal governance in order to make good decisions about the complex issues which Glenwood Springs has faced and is facing. I have helped do the hard work of reducing the city budget while keeping the level of service as seamless for our citizens as possible. Council, with the help of our superb city staff, has accomplished this difficult work in order to preserve our economic survival and our vigor as a community.

Preparation. In an average month we on City Council face between 300 and 1,000 pages of materials to read, study, digest and understand in order to be prepared for our regular meetings. For me this entails, on average, between 80 and 100 hours of reading and study. I do this hard work gladly with great interest and enthusiasm representing each of you to the best of my ability.

Vision. When you are in the midst of an economic crisis, it is impossible to dream. Now we are beginning a slow but steady recovery. This is going to allow the council as a whole and each of us as individuals to put forth our visions for this great city’s future. This vision includes the question of the bridge and the downtown core, the redevelopment of the confluence, the realization of the vision of a lasting solution to our regional traffic issues, and those added attractions that will enhance Glenwood Springs’ position as America’s most fun small town.

Roots. My roots in Glenwood Springs are more than a century old on both sides of my family. I love this place, and I envision its great future. I seek your support and your vote. I pledge to all of you to continue to work hard for you and to always be prepared.

Thank you

Stephen Bershenyi


Glenwood Springs

So let me introduce myself. My name is Lyle Beattie. I came to Glenwood in 1953 to go into the L-P Gas and Appliance business with my brother Hal. Patsy and I raised our four children in the Glenwood schools. They are Steve, an attorney, Lorie Courier, retired after 35 years as vocal music teacher, Kerry Smith, and Brent, a Glenwood native. My family has been part of Glenwood for many years.

I would like your vote. I am running for the at-large Glenwood city councilor position. The election is April 2, but it is a mail-in-ballot-only election. The ballots went out by mail March 11.

I have enjoyed serving in many activities over the years. I am a past president of the Chamber of Commerce. Then I served three terms on the City Council, two of those as mayor. I am a past president of the Kiwanis Club, and have held chairmanship positions in the First United Methodist Church. Presently, I work during the summer at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, and I am a volunteer at Valley View Hospital.

I am a firm believer that everyone who enjoys living in our fine city should give something back. There are many opportunities to serve. But having been there before, I would like to serve on the City Council again. I believe my strong business experience in Glenwood plus background in many activities will serve me well as a councilor. In addition, no matter what the training and background, there is no substitute for plain common sense.

There are many important issues for the council’s attention. The bridge and access control plan are the leading two, along with many others. I am not taking any firm positions on the issues prior to the election. All deserve sincere consideration with deep study followed by intelligent decisions based on facts and common sense.

I have the time, the energy and the experience to give as your councilman. Let’s see Glenwood move into a bright future. Thank you for your confidence. I would appreciate your vote.

Lyle Beattie

Glenwood Springs

Letter writer Carl Heck is one droll comedian who must have a lot of time on his hands.

Even the liberal, drive-by-media has given up beating the dead horse that is Mitt Romney’s failed election bid.

Nope, Carl smugly champions the Chicago shyster who sold out American workers to illegal aliens to win the White House.

Keep sharing those democratic pearls of wisdom, Carl. In the kingdom of progressive great thinkers, Mr. Heck fills the role of court jester, admirably.

Is it true, Carl, that the Democrats in Chicago dye their river green with finely shredded tax-payer dollars?

Bruno Kirchenwitz


It is with great amusement that I read the article and the Letters to the Editor about the ambulance wars.

Your article clearly indicates that Valley View Hospital initiated the contract with Colorado River Fire Rescue to provide “interfacility transport that’s needed when it’s needed.” It appears that Valley View Hospital lacks confidence in TransCare Ambulance’s ability to provide timely and efficient service for times of medical transport.

There is no clear number of transports, scheduled times or days for these urgent transfers of patients to other care facilities. I applaud Valley View Hospital for finding alternative transportation that serves the needs of the injured and ill. I applaud both TransCare Ambulance and Colorado River Fire Rescue for providing that service. I have no doubt that both have excellent equipment and highly trained staff. It may be your or my life that is saved by their service.

I do, however, take issue with TransCare Ambulance Chief Allen Hughes and his attacks on Colorado River Fire Rescue. Valley View Hospital evidently felt the need to contract with another provider. Perhaps negotiations, contract commitments, costs and actual performance with Valley View by TransCare would result in not having Colorado River Fire Rescue as a secondary provider. I’m not sure the attacks and the smoke and mirrors attitude is what I want for my emergency care.

There have been several “for profit transporters” that have come and gone in the last 15 years, including one operated by the town of Silt. Longevity of these “for profit” transporters has been quite limited due to costs, call volume and other issues. I had the good (or bad) fortune to utilize one of these services a couple of times, and, although I was grateful for their service, the fees that they charged were 3-5 times what my insurance stated were normal and reasonable costs. I do not know what fee structure either of these currently use.


Stuart Cerise

West Valley, Utah

My service dog, Isabella, needs major dental surgery. Thanks to Dr. Kate Owens and Simba, she will be helped. The Simba Fund is a little-noted but much-loved organization right here in the Roaring Fork Valley.

If you know what it’s like to have a limited income when your cat or dog is in crisis and needs exceptional medical care, please donate to the Simba Fund. Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Berkowitz for connecting me with Dr. McPherron and the board of the Simba Fund, which expedited my application.

I will pay it forward when I can, and I promise to brush Bella’s teeth from now on.

Alison Davies


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