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Maybe CDOT should visit an alpine country, like Switzerland, to get ideas on how to tunnel more inexpensively. And a tunnel is probably not that much more expensive anyway, when all the extras (noise dampers, etc.) are put on surface freeways.

So let’s build an underground freeway, wherever necessary, to avoid surface opposition. And the tunnel can also eliminate the bridge. To get from Europe to Britain, you underpass more water than we would have to tunnel under the Colorado, right?

Julian Vogt

Glenwood Springs

Responding to James Kellogg’s article on solar I say don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

I “lived” off grid for 12 years on a simple system that’s 23 years old, and I was recently told by a local solar company that the panels could go another 17 years.

I get annoyed when educated people and politicians put down solar energy to promote their own agenda. And the politicians who promote solar would be a lot more passionate about it if they actually tried living with solar daily.

Solar power is wonderful. Take it from someone who knows.

Annie Rector

New Castle

Please, tell me this – if local officials working with gas industry crews continue to search for the source of nearly 166 barrels of “unidentified” hydrocarbon liquids that have leaked into the ground about four miles up Parachute Creek and have contaminated soils and groundwater in the area, how do they know that “It represents no immediate hazard to public health”?

They do not know what it is, and they do not know where it is coming from, but they do know that it is no immediate hazard to public health. I don’t believe anything they say.

Janice Schwener


Clearly someone at the county didn’t get the memo that the idea of using public funds was to serve the public and protect its resources, not engage in lawsuits with the federal government.

This is what happens when county commissioners pretend to be competent with taxpayer dollars; hiring pretend consultants pretending to be Genesis-quoting God-fearing scientists, as a way to create a real “private right to pillage” lawsuit under the auspices of protecting the public and God’s creatures.

Now, we can all pretend to be shocked and believe this train wreck isn’t industry backed, while the industry lobbyists, also known as our county commissioners, try to pretend they’re not psychotic.

Anita Sherman

Glenwood Springs

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