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I have read the Post and the Glenwood Springs Post Independent for the last 30 years. I live part of the year in Glenwood and the rest in the UK. I stay in touch by reading the online edition.

I am an Internet technology consultant for UK Banks, I do a lot of Internet work.

Your new website is very disappointing. It is not like reading a paper, its like filling in a form, very unimaginative, very hard to follow and no longer feels “connected” to me as the reader.

Please don’t lose the chance to develop an online edition that feels like the real thing. It might seem clever and techy to do what the IT developers suggest, but keep it personal and accessible and people will read it.

I now spend much less time on your site. Please bring back the “local” paper.

Jonathon Dunn

Bristol, UK

I know that this paper is a small one, but I am still saddened that there was no mention of our Tri-umphant women who competed this past Sunday in the Tri for the Cure Triathlon at Cherry Creek Reservoir. Over 40 women in our valley from Carbondale to Rifle came together as a group to support each other in this race. Two of our athletes placed in the top ten in the Survivor category (Heidi Halladay and Nancy Reinisch ” who was shy of third place by three seconds), and Joyce Rankin, who placed first in her category competing against 48 other women.

Three thousand women came out to be in this particular race, and we were blessed to have photos of our amazing teammates in the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News, but not a peep from the papers here. Pity.

Deborah Jaouen

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s Note: Like you mention, this is a small paper, and we have a very limited number of resources, so we have to depend on help from people who know about events happening outside of our area, even if it’s just a reminder. It’s great that people were featured in the Denver newspapers; however, when there’s an event in Denver, and elsewhere we need people to help us out. We take great pride in featuring the accomplishments of locals and sometimes we ask readers to be part of the solution …

What’s with McCain? He tells Obama to go overseas (McCain has been over eight times at government expense, he does not tell that, he comes back and lies about walking all over, yes with 100 soldiers around him and a helicopter overhead). Many half-truths, not quite a lie but not the truth, but gives the impression that it’s true.

McCain is jealous is all I can say. Obama went to Germany and was a big hit with all.

Bush drew protesters. McCain did not draw hundreds of thousands to hear him speak. He gives (half-truth) the impression Obama did not go see wounded troops because he could not have cameras ” truth is he did not go because it would look political.

McCain wants ten town hall meetings. If I was Obama, I would cut it in half. That should be enough, one way or another. Obama has a nice smile, McCain looks like he is in pain and laughs at his own jokes, that gets old.

Mildred Baumli


Was it aimless or a sneak attack? Either would be considered a spineless act!

I’ll probably never learn the identity of the coward (or cowards) who bombarded my home with raw eggs, sometime after midnight, Saturday, Aug. 2, requiring an extensive clean-up prior to attending church Sunday morning.

Frankly, neither the disruption nor the clean-up bothers me personally. What really offends me is the scare that my wife has experienced. She was awakened from a sound sleep by loud sounds of “some things” crashing on our roof, against a window and onto the patio deck.

There is certainly no reason to believe that this assault was aimed against my wife, because she is a kind, loving, friendly person. But she was the one who suffered the consequences. She was scared to death and still is.

If this was random mischief, so be it. But if someone out there has an issue with me, I’m accessible without terrorizing my wife.

God Bless America!

Richard Doran


I was only applying for position of God’s conscience but apparently Richard Doran (Aug. 1 letter) thinks I’ve self-appointed myself as “master of the universe.” I was hoping for his recommendation for the position, but he seems inclined negatively toward me.

I’ve thought this over now, and considering the AIDS epidemic, famine, wars, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc., I realize that the position of God’s conscience has never been filled and never will be (theodicists, here is your cue). Master of the Universe is a cushy job because, as Mr. Doran indicates, “nothing … supersedes God’s will.” And because God is omnipotent and omniscient, i.e., all-knowing, He knows the past, present and everything that happens in the future. Knowing everything that happens in the future means that the future is as certain as the past, and there is no changing it. This the religious refer to as ‘God’s will.’

So the “Master of the Universe” really has nothing to do but listen to the prayers from those on earth. But because God knows everything that happens in the future, he knows beforehand that the prayer will occur and knows beforehand whether events will occur that make it seem like the prayer was answered or not (“not” is interpreted by the religious as “God had His plan”). The prayers can’t be acted on. Does anyone know who might help me get this job?

You can always argue that your prayers effect a change, but then your God would not know everything that is going to happen in the future, and would not be all-knowing.

He would be a lesser god, much like the old Greek gods, to be feared and propitiated but not to be worshipped.

Are we having fun yet?

Gerry Terwilliger


In the Sunday, July 20 Denver Post, on page 17A, there was a small section called “Colorado Votes.” I was surprised to see a bill that had come up in Congress called “Use it or Lose it.” The bill stated that there were 68 million acres of federal land and offshore tracts leased by oil companies that are not being used. The bill was to mandate that oil companies use their leases or lose them.

The vote was 244 yes and 173 no votes. The bill did not pass because there was not a 2/3 majority vote (I assume that meant not enough votes to avoid a filibuster). According to the article, all Colorado Democrats voted yes, and all the Colorado Republicans voted no.

I find it interesting oil companies are sitting on such a huge number of leases, yet taking advantage of the problems caused by high gas prices to push for more offshore drilling. This strikes me as an opportunistic approach the oil companies to gain more offshore drilling leases, while holding those vast number of leases that they already have. With this information, I question the need to remove the ban on offshore drilling at this time, as both the administration and the Republican presidential nominee are pushing. Senator McCain says we need offshore drilling now.

I am also interested in the fact that this bill had no media attention, except in a small space on page 17 of a newspaper, after the vote had been taken. I would think the American people should know the full facts about where we need to get oil from in this country. The vote might have been different. Perhaps that is a question that answers itself.

Lori Sweers


Elizabeth Chandler noted in her July 24 letter that Steve Carter, as county commissioner, would actually respect voters and “restore our voice to the county government.”

Actually, Garfield Country voters have a second candidate who respects the public and wants to restore the popular voice in county government: Stephen Bershenyi.

Under Colorado law, with at-large elections for commissioner, every eligible voter across our county’s 27 precincts can vote for both Steve Carter and Stephen Bershenyi for county commissioner to serve the public interest for a change.

Robert Stull

Glenwood Springs

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