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In regards to a July 29 Glenwood Springs Post Independent article about Basalt’s integration street dance, I must ask Father Saenz, “Who is the Hispanic community?”

Are even half the Latinos in Basalt here legally?

The problem with religious organizations like Catholic Charities is that they don’t distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants. They aid and abet criminals on a daily basis.

The head of Catholic Charities, Tom Ziemann, says God tells him all immigrants are a special group of the Lord. Personally, I don’t find them all that special.

Legal immigration made this country great while illegal immigration is tearing it down.

If millions of illegals can sneak into this country, then so can thousands of terrorists.

But Tom and the Padre tell us we must accept and assimilate the whole Hispanic community, good and bad, legal and illegal, felon or terrorist.

Point is, we don’t know who is spitting on our sovereignty and sadly, the Bible thumpers don’t care. They let the world know our valley is a safe haven for illegal aliens.

I’m going to that street dance on Aug. 9. Maybe we can have a stimulating discussion about immigration. To find me there, look for my Border Patrol hat and ICE T-shirt.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


Thank you everyone who has shared our “Journey of the forsaken” blog with friends, family and colleagues. Thank you for standing with us, even virtually, as we face one of the biggest challenges of our lives to befall us, yet again.

We have been especially touched by those who feel the same loss we do. People from the cities and suburbs across the country who do not live in a wild area but have shared a little of this mountain’s magic through this blog, the ups and the downs, and feel the emptiness of its senseless degradation, suffering and loss as we do.

Likewise, there have been folks who are trained in ecology and tasked professionally with its preservation who have offered invaluable insight and guidance as we share the story of what is occurring here, human being to human being, beyond barriers of “official” this or that.

Most surprising and heartening, even a few folks in the industry want to be associated with a more responsible industry and are quietly rooting for positive change.

We are so grateful for everyone’s interest and concern that words are insufficient to express our gratitude. Your care, concern and efforts on our behalf are immeasurably appreciated, and we thank you so much.

This is a monumental challenge, as we are met with technical and jurisdictional barriers left and right in a web of governance that seems to favor corporate gain over public health and safety. Thanks to one suggestion, we’ve pinched off a few video clips of the seep in 2004 and the 2008 seep so folks could see comparable characteristics. For those who have never seen a seep and wouldn’t know it if they saw it, we’ve posted these videos on YouTube with more to come.

Lisa Bracken

Divide Creek

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