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After following the war of words between Christians and non-Christians for the last month or two, I just have to say that those who are attempting to defend God are doing him no favors. Wasn’t Jesus supposed to be all about forgiveness, tolerance and love? One certainly wouldn’t get that impression from reading the letters written by the pro-religious faction. If Jesus really is who his followers claim he is, then wouldn’t he be appalled at the petty insults, condemnation, ill-will and judgmentalism being employed by his self-proclaimed representatives? It was that kind of hypocrisy that caused me to leave the Christian church long ago, and I wonder how many Glenwood Springs Post Independent readers have been turned off of Christianity by the arguments being offered in its defense.If you want to convince someone there is a God and that he is our father and loves us and answers our prayers, then comparing nonbelievers to dirt, insulting them and threatening them with eternal damnation is not the way to go. If you really want to convert people to your way of thinking, a little grace and compassion would go a long way toward achieving your goal. You’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.So lighten up, Christians, and stop giving God a bad name with your inexcusable rudeness. If you are truly followers of Christ, you’ll show it by heeding the alleged words of your savior: “Let those among you without sin, cast the first stone.”And may God/Allah/Vishnu/Zeus/Odin bless America!Sue GrayCarbondale

The Roan Plateau lease sale conducted by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is a blatant misuse of executive power by a federal agency. The thousands of letters protesting the lease sale presented to BLM on July 30 are now officially ignored. This lease sale represents another violation of our constitutional rights. There should be a class-action lawsuit filed against the BLM based on this continual abuse of our rights. This example of abuse by the BLM is one of many reasons that a few environmental friends and I have recently formed The Committee To Save Colorado. That so many Colorado citizens’ request for help regarding health and water damage have been ignored by state and federal agencies is another reason for the formation of this citizen advocate group. Also, there is new evidence surfacing that the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) has pro-gas personnel inside the agency resisting requests for help by impacted citizens. This display of noncooperation violates the laws passed by the Colorado Legislature last year pertaining to mandates that the COGCC is required to follow. It is very clear that impacted citizens in Garfield County and elsewhere in Colorado are still not going to receive much help from any governmental agency. So, The Committee To Save Colorado will move forward to gather membership statewide to address this severe negligence on the part of state and federal agencies. We hope to start organizing a similar committee to help gas-impacted areas and citizens in Utah as well.Randy FrickeBasalt

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