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Also addressed: Vivian L. Fisher

Your letter about giving everything to illegals was not properly researched before you wrote it.

Anyone with a green card is not illegal by any means. Illegals can’t get green cards. If one possesses a valid green card, they are here legally. They are either permanent residents or temporary residents, but they have permission to be here just like the people of Puerto Rico or other U.S. territories are residents of the U.S.

Also, illegals are never offered citizenship. You must be a permanent resident for five years or three years in some special cases like serving in the military to apply for citizenship. Even then it takes a long time to get a response.

What Ms. Fisher must mean is illegal immigrants, of which there are about 12 million, and not green card holders. Green card holders are legal immigrants who do pay their taxes and obey the laws. Otherwise temporary card holders will not be renewed, and permanent residents will have a hard time becoming citizens.

If she did a little more research, I am sure we would be in the same page.

I have no interest for my taxes to go to people who don’t give back. It is wrong that we Americans struggle more to learn their language than they do to learn ours. If they want to take part of our wonderful country, they should go back to their country and wait as long as it takes to be granted permission, and not just run across our


I like all Hispanics, and by no means am I being racist. They are the hardest working people I had ever met, and if they do everything the right way, they are welcome to work here and pay taxes all they want, because that’s what we Americans do.

Two last things. Freedom of speech is still here, exercising it is the problem.

To respond to a point made by Mr. Kirchenwitz’s recent letter, the number of illegals is nowhere near half the total number of Hispanics in this valley.

Daniel Vanderhoff

New Castle

Last week while reading your paper, I came across an article about how the main focus of the local school district is non-English-speaking students. I have one question for the people that decided that. Have you all lost your minds? Why should the main focus of the schools be to teach people a language they should already know?

My youngest child is just starting school, and it annoys me that instead of focusing on teaching the kids other things they need to know, the teachers have to waste their time teaching English to students that only speak Spanish. I’m all for helping kids, but not at the expense of my child’s education.

Amanda Hochstatter


Do you like where you live? Or where you visit?

This is mainly to the person or persons that left a fire and personal hygiene items on Devil’s Point, Sunday, Aug. 10.

A beautiful area on the flat tops, with a breathtaking view off a ledge of valleys and mountain ranges.

If you answered yes to the above questions, then why did you leave a fire that was not watered down, with a huge puddle not even 50 feet away? Or better yet, throw down some wet soil?

If we hadn’t been there, this could have been a problem with the dry log you left on the edge, and the breeze picking up.

Yes, we did get rain the night before, and yes, it downpoured while we were there. The coals were red and white hot.

What about a small child getting too close, barefoot or toddling into it? Other scenarios other than that are another forest fire.

And the bear bait you left, too. What is up with that? Do not go into the woods bleeding or leaving aboveground items in which no one will touch. Disgusting.

Please take more responsibility in yourselves and your actions or stay home. Never take in items that you can’t take home. Forest motto.

If someone knows anything about this, talk to that person or if they are really not that responsible, turn them into our forest service. 625-2371.

Mone’e Rochelle

New Castle

We of the Roaring Fork Valley are especially blessed to have the Five Star services of the Valley View Hospital staff and volunteers.

I have had breast cancer treatment over the past two years from Johns Hopkins in Maryland, and three different hospitals in Dallas, Texas, (Medical City, Presbyterian, Baylor) and have never received such a high standard of care for my recent treatments.

Every single person, from the valet to the first class oncologist, Dr. Ira Jaffrey, the surgeon, Dr. Douglas Yajko, and each and every nurse put the “care” in health care.

Thank you all. You should be training other hospital staffs!

Marlane Miller


My son, Seth, was recently offered an amazing opportunity for an academic enrichment program at the University of Denver. The tuition was about $2,700, and so we applied for all financial aid available. In addition, we sent out approximately 34 letters to local (Parachute and Rifle) businesses asking for help. The letter stated that if a donation was not possible, my son was willing to work doing any kind of odd jobs to help raise the money. The letters were sent to the oil companies, several smaller drilling companies, local restaurants, and the small businesses here in Parachute.

We got one response. Williams Production was the only one of the recipients who had the decency and courtesy to respond.

I would think that the other companies could have at least sent an acknowledgment to our letter. If no donation or work opportunity was available, simple congratulations would have been nice. Seth was the only student who qualified for this program and I think he deserves recognition for that. I can’t help but wonder if he was an athletic star instead of an academic star, would the kudos have been flowing a little more freely?

So, thank you, Williams Production, for acknowledging the hard work and academic excellence of one of our young people. And thank you for the donation, which helped send Seth to Denver for an amazing experience.

Janet Klinder


On August 5th, while vacationing in Colorado, we took a hike with Richard and Nancy Newton-Cromwell to the Flat Tops between Silt and New Castle.

After taking beautiful pictures of the wildflowers, we stopped at the beaver dams where Bev slipped and broke her ankle at about 1 p.m. Rich hiked back to the top and called 9-1-1.

Later, we were very relieved to see the Garfield County Search and Rescue Team arrive, consisting of ten people, two ATVs and a pull-behind litter. Bev’s ankle was placed in a splint, she was loaded onto the litter, and the team started the hard trek up the mountain. We were met by the ambulance crew who administered first aid medications. At 10 p.m. we checked Bev into the Valley View emergency room.

We will always be profoundly grateful to the members of the Search and Rescue team. They were well-trained, professional, and compassionate volunteers. We found that this excellent service was provided without cost.

Garfield County can take great pride in their Search and Rescue team.

Bev and Tom Maples

Sturgis, S.D.

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