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Pelosi, Obama, environmentalists, please understand what is going on with our economy. I will make it simple. It does not take a genius to understand what is going on, and I am not a genius, as my wife will attest. Here is a simple example that even Obama, et. al., can understand.

Years ago, the USA had five containers of gold. Our scientists, engineers, business people, farmers, miners, oil companies, etc. produced, invented, created products and ideas that were sold in the USA and to other countries. All of a sudden we had 20 containers of gold. It is true that some people worked harder and smarter ending up with most of the gold, but is that bad? Then it cost too much to manufacture our products, so we started buying them from countries like China. Products that would have cost us two containers of gold to produce in the USA cost us merely one container of gold to buy elsewhere. We passed that savings on to the U.S. consumer.

Great. However, we now have only 19 containers of gold (Obama, China has our other container of gold). Pelosi, this is a good hypothetical example (Nancy, this means made up).

Using this simple example, we would be out of gold in 20 years. The real bad news is that we are additionally buying oil from the Arabs at a cost of two containers of gold per year and selling it to our consumers for three containers of gold. Now, how long will it be before we have no gold?

The dollar value is shrinking! Eighteen months ago the tipo de cambio (exchange rate) in Mexico was 11.4 pesos to the dollar; 8/07/08 it was 9.94.

Wake up, you may not have any coffee to smell.

Dick Fitzgerald


In most cases, I try to avoid religious debates. However, I found the letter by Brad Gates (letters to the editor Wednesday, Aug. 13) to be completely ridiculous. It comes across to me that Mr. Gates is full of hate and discontent when it comes to this subject.

Mr. Gates, if the meaning of God is open to interpretation, then you shouldn’t have a problem with it being in the Pledge of Allegiance. When we say, “One Nation, under God,” you can interpret just who you believe that statement is about. You’re allowed to believe it is your god, and I am allowed to believe it’s mine. That’s the beauty of this nation, we are free to believe how we choose. So I say, let it be and interpret it how you want, so the rest of us can do the same.

Much of our nation believes in a god. Some of us just aren’t convinced that we evolved from monkeys. If that were the case, our zoos would have exhibits of half-human, half-ape mutations. If apes evolved into humans so long ago, why did they stop evolving now?

The god I believe in is powerful and he, like your god, blesses people of all nations, not just one. My god never told me or anyone else to go kill children in Iraq, nor does he tell people to kill and torture children here in our homeland. But sadly, it’s happening, and God is not in control of it. Humans are responsible for making bad choices, not God.

When I interpret Bible passages, I do it with love in mind, not hate. And that, Mr. Gates, makes all the difference.

Dawn Doyle


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