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It truly astonishes me, that someone who has lived as long as Hal Sundin can be so sadly mistaken on so many crucial issues. But that is essentially what pure liberalism accomplishes: it instills a fundamentally flawed world view in those who, for whatever reason, subscribe to it.

In Hal’s latest escapade into semi-insanity, July 31, he ardently espouses not less, but more, government regulation over nearly every area of our lives. (As if our bloated, absurdly expensive and in-debt government hasn’t spun out of control already.)

Some areas obviously do require regulation and enforcement, such as driving and the roadways, the criminal justice and prison systems, and not many others. In these arenas of potential conflict and/or crime, government oversight is needed to preclude anarchy.

However, Sundin pushes the regulation envelope (also known as the “Big Brother Syndrome”; has he read “1984”?) ad infinitum, proposing it as well for zoning regulations, building codes, safety regulations, pollution regulations, business regulations, etc. Many who’ve studied these issues agree that private enterprise could accomplish the same tasks vastly more efficiently and economically than government, though the potential for abuse exists, no matter what agency undertakes them.

Though not listed, it’s likely he would also gladly include “environmentally responsible” regulations (listed previously), education regulations, permissible vehicle regulations, preferred consumption regulations (we’re seeing the dawn of that day, already), health care regulations, tolerance regulations, religion regulations, etc. When liberals start on a roll of control, they can’t control themselves.

What Hal Sundin and other leftists are essentially proposing and preparing the “Great Unwashed” for is socialism (just a step short of fascism), pure and simple. And if their (falsely) enlightened leader, Barack Obama, succeeds in seducing the voting populace this November, they will be well on their way to seeing their dream/nightmare become reality, transforming our great nation even more into something it was never meant by our founders to be.

John Herbst

Battlement Mesa

A recent story about a poll your paper reports that 52 percent of the Colorado voters view the rapid development, by the oil and gas industry on the Western Slope of Colorado, as unfavorable, while 60 percent of the poll participants statewide, described their attitudes of the industry as unfavorable.

Garfield County is one of the most impacted counties in the state, in terms of oil and gas development. The time has come, and I hope the tipping point has not been passed, for the people of this county to stand up and demand responsible development of the oil and gas resources in this county.

The majority of the county commissioners, in the past, has inappropriately supported the development of the oil and gas industry. We now have an opportunity to change the make-up of these commissioners.

We need commissioners that will listen in a balanced way to all the voices of our county. They need to be committed to keeping Garfield County a safe and healthy place to live, work and raise a family.

Steve Carter and Stephen Bershenyi are both committed to these attributes. Let us elect them as our new commissioners.

Sid Lindauer, rancher


Can I help to save a sinking educational system, along with a population that is totally out of control with our eating addictions?

Three years ago I was on my deathbed with a terminal congenital heart disease, along with Alzheimer’s and cancer. I had even accepted death as the better part of living. Then I started on my own living cell detoxification food diet, and I have managed to stay on it ever since. I am now the picture of health, along with not taking any medications, food supplements or vitamins. I have also gone from 220 pounds down to 160.

My long-term memory has returned, and I have recalled how I unknowingly broke the LB morphic resonance realistic and RB dark energy imaginative learning codes. I can easily recall the details of my outstanding success story that was achieved while giving my 37 sixth-grade students all straight A grades during the second marking period in 1966.

I am now finding myself compelled to go back into teaching and research my highly successful past teaching experience. I applied for a teaching position, but was informed that all of the teaching positions had been filled. I doubt any school system would want to hire an 81-year-old teacher. However, I would like to work with students who want to achieve and excel, or overweight people who want to learn my method of approach to diet.

If anyone, including school board members, is creative enough to use what I have discovered, would call me, I would love to work with you. My phone number is 947-9805.

Paul Scott

Glenwood Springs

I often have reason to wonder; when I do, I always have questions.

Particularly about politicians ” people who are designated as elected officials sent to Congress to represent our best interests.

Right now, I wonder whether the three privileged, outspoken leaders in the Democratic Party have been watching the Olympics, as I have?

I refer to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, all of whom in various diatribes have discredited (that is a politically correct term for “poor mouthing”) not just the Bush administration, but many aspects of our great nation ” our heritage, our military and even free enterprise corporate America which is the backbone of our growth and greatness.

So I ask ” have Obama, Pelosi and Reid experienced the same sense of pride in our country that I have from these athletes who have so honorably represented the United States in the most dominant and highly publicized event of world athletic competition?

If they have bothered to watch, why can’t they as congressional leaders acquire the same class in representing our country as our Olympic teams?

Unlike our political leaders, the demeanor of our Olympians as demonstrated in their attitudes, their interviews, their pride in performance, their good sportsmanship and their patriotism make me proud to be an American.

God bless America … and, thank you Team USA!

Richard Doran


In reply to Mr. Ayon’s letter of Aug. 12, I’d like to enlighten him as to why I write letters.

It is not because I want attention or to “speak badly about Latinos in the valley.” I write and will continue to write because illegal immigration is the greatest danger facing our country today.

I write because I don’t want the crime, corruption and squalor illegal aliens bring with them. I write because I want my grandchildren to have the same opportunities I had growing up in this great country.

If you are here legally, I welcome you regardless of ethos or skin color. If you’re part of the illegal horde, spitting on our sovereignty, I want you gone.

I am glad you wrote your letter, because now my friend Tom can have you called as a witness. I guess you didn’t know it’s a citizen’s duty to report crimes, but then you didn’t say you’re a citizen.

Have a nice day.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


If I were to complete my childhood dinner prayers with logical conclusions, we should have prayed, “Dear all-powerful Lord, we thank you for the blessings and bountiful food you have provided us, and too bad about the thousands of innocent children you’ve starved to death around the world this day. And if it’s true that you work in mysterious ways, then it’s also true that we know nothing about you and should not pretend that we do.”

Rick Hilleary

Glenwood Springs

The valley has lost another longtime resident. Freddy “The Dancing Bear” Krayer passed away last Saturday doing what he loved.

Fred came to this valley in the ’70s, and really embraced everything about it, especially the Basalt life. Any local knew him, and he had many friends. You could find him dancing away many nights, having a ball.

Fred enjoyed many things. He loved to bowl. He had many friends that he competed with in tournaments. Rafting was another thing he enjoyed. We all have heard the story of the slaughterhouse bridge; it was almost like being there with him.

Fred was also a hard worker. He worked at the hospital in Aspen for more than 10 years. It was a job that he really loved.

The valley is changing and is slowly losing its characters. The Dancing Bear was one of them. We will never have the same experiences as the’70s and ’80s brought. And as the players go one by one, the stories will fade and times change.

Remember how the valley was and why you stayed here. There will never be another Dancing Bear, The Midland is gone, and friends have left. We still have our memories. Fred, we’ll miss you.

Sharon Wilson


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